Vivint Security

  • Price: $53.99 – $69.99 per month
  • Free App for Remote Monitoring
  • Low Price Professional Installation
  • Offers Additional Services for Energy Efficiency and Home Automation
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Vivint Security Reviews

Vivint offers not only an alarm system, but also includes options to embrace energy efficiency and home automation. The Home Security System is a part of every package, as is the option to wirelessly communicate with the monitoring service via a website or even an app on a smartphone. Vivint offers three plans: Home Security, Energy Efficiency and Home Automation.

Vivint allows for the addition of a medical pendant to all monitoring services. The medical pendant is a portable device that can be worn by a resident of the home, adding an additional layer of security. If necessary, a Vivint monitor can call for emergency personnel in the case of a medical emergency.

Live Wireless Communication and a Free App

Vivint systems are completely wireless and integrated with a live communication system at no extra charge. Many other companies require you to purchase premium plans in order to have access to your system remotely but Vivint believes it should be a part of all packages. Even better than just live online access, Vivint offers an app for your smartphone, increasing your ability to wirelessly monitor your home from anywhere.

Home Security Plan

Vivint’s most basic plan is called the Home Security Plan and will cost $53.99 per month. This plan was created for those homeowners who wanted to guard against burglaries. It also includes a few additional items including sensors to alert Vivint of breaking glass as well as monitors to monitor your smoke alarm. The Home Security System also can monitor your Carbon Monoxide monitors but does not actually monitor the level of CO independently.

Energy Efficiency Plan

The Energy Efficiency Plan from Vivint not only includes the 24/7 monitoring and wireless accessibility from their Home Security System, it also provides other tools that help create a more efficient home and can save you money on your utility bills. This plan will cost $59.99 per month and includes a smart thermostat, lamp controls and small appliance controls. These items allow for optimizing the amount of energy your home uses. Vivint’s wireless communication system allows you to create the look that your home is occupied, or to save money on energy bills. During the initial installation of this system, you will also receive twelve energy efficient light bulbs, adding to your energy savings.

Home Automation Plan

Vivint’s Home Automation Plan will cost $69.99 monthly and includes the items in the Energy Efficiency Plan but also adds the option for video surveillance and automatic door locks. The initial installation includes the camera and an automatic door lock in addition to the other sensors and control panel.

Final Review of Vivint

Vivint has tried to set itself apart from other security system companies by branching out and offering energy efficient options in addition to the traditional alarm system. The accessibility of your system via an app or website will allow you additional flexibility and freedom to arm your alarm, turn on and off lights and small appliances, control your thermostat and even monitor your home via a video camera, depending on the Vivint package you choose.


64 comments on “Vivint Security

  1. Vivint Security has the best home security systems, hands down. I’ve used other companies and not been nearly as impressed. The installation was quick and easy, and everyone was very knowledgeable. I finally feel safe in my own home.

  2. When I first opened up my art gallery out of my garage, I debated with myself about getting a security system. I reasoned that I was small potatoes and no one would be interested in me. But then, several of the house surrounding me were broken into and I realized that it didn’t matter. If someone thought you had something of value, and if they had no morals, they might plan to take it. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry since I was taking in some fairly high dollar pieces and I didn’t want to be responsible for paying the artists back. I called Vivint Security and had them come install a home security system. It was quick and easy, and the prices are some of the best I’ve seen in the area. Just to be sure that wouldn’t come back to bite me in the nether regions, I compared what I was getting with Vivint Security with three other companies, and not only was I paying less, but I was also getting more. I was able to customize my package to suit my needs, and Vivint Security didn’t pressure me into anything. What I needed is what I got. I feel better about locking my gallery doors at night, and I’ve already requested a quote for my house, as well.

  3. I got a home security system from Vivint Security because my friends recommended them. I liked that they took the time to help me figure out what my needs were, and that they had all the right options for me. Their prices are better than most of their competitors, and I think the service is better, too. For me, it’s about making sure that my home is secure. I looked at DIY options from Amazon, but I didn’t really know how to install them. Vivint Security took care of everything, and walked me through the process completely. I’d recommend their service over any other.

  4. The average house owner probably doesn’t have a home security system, and they should. Burglars target average households, and I for one don’t want them near my home. I called Vivint security and had them install their system. It was easy, and I know my stuff is safe.

  5. When I bought my first house, it had home security panels already installed on the wall, so I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of them. I called Vivint security to see what it would cost to activate them and to use them. I hadn’t looked into home security systems before, so I had no idea what to expect. The helpful staff at Vivint security answered my questions and gave me a ton of information to help me compare my options. Since Vivint security installed the panels in the first place, I was inclined to go with them anyway, but after some more research, they were literally the best option regardless. It made my life easier as I didn’t need to have panels ripped down or wires rerun to make it all work. Once the system was activated, a tech showed me how to use it, and he left me a brochure with all the current offers the company had. Looking through it, there are some things I may upgrade to in the future because I like the service. Since it’s a new house for me, I’m watching my budget, but I would like to add the monitoring service later on. Anyway, I think many families would find value with Vivint security, so I would absolutely recommend them.

  6. Getting a home security system was a big step for me. It was probably the first real grown up thing I did after moving out of my parents’ house, so I was rather proud of myself. Of course, my parents suggested I consider it, just in case. I was worried about the costs, but my father recommended Vivint security as he’s used them for years, so I called and spoke to the staff there. They answered all of my questions, and gave me all the information on the costs upfront. I could choose to install it myself or have them install it, and there was even an app for my phone. I’ve already recommended them to my friends, but if you’re reading this review, I recommend you get Vivint security, as well.

  7. Moving to the states was a big decision for me, and when I did, I learned a thing or two. Security is important, and Vivint security knows security. They installed a home security system for me, and it was one of my better decisions. I highly recommend Vivint security’s systems.

  8. I thought Vivint would be just another home security system. Nope. Vivint offers a lot things other home security systems do not and that doesn’t mean they cost more either. Their customer service is exceptional too.

  9. I bought Vivint because my sister told me it is one of the few home security systems you can take with you when you move. I knew I’d only been in my old apartment a year, so Vivint was perfect for me and yup, installation at the new place was just as easy.

  10. I can’t believe I didn’t find Vivint security sooner. We originally had another home security system at our condo, which came with the condo but it was so expensive and it wasn’t giving you much for the price. I didn’t want to have this major added expense ever month but I do want my home and property safe so I started looking for other options. Vivint is excellent because it works for those who do not know if they’ll be in a house for long. That’s my case as a perpetual renter and I know others in that situation. . My job stays the same but has changed cities three times in two years, which is exhausting to say the least, but it comes with the territory and I really enjoy what I do. For me Vivint is all I need to know my home is safe and keep the bad guys away. When I was traveling four days a week, I was able to watch my home on the Vivint app which works with cameras at entry points around my home. If you want to feel safe, nothing is better than straight-up seeing your house in real time. Excellent product that is a nice price too.

  11. My home was almost burglarized two weeks ago. I live in a nice neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get our share of burglaries every month. It is not something I want to live with but I am not in a position to move, nor do I want to feel like I’ve been pushed out of my home because of criminals. Luckily, my dogs went insane when the thief tried to get in and we think this is what deterred him from entering the house and taking off with my things. Vivint gives me the protection I want and I can see my house at all times.

  12. Color me happy now that Vivint Security has come into my life! It sounds dramatic, but as a single woman living alone in a new city I wanted to protect myself in any way possible. I found out about Vivint online and ordered it right away. Wow! This is the best home security system when you compare it to other brands. You get all of the features you want from Vivint including wifi cameras, which makes it easy for me to check on the driveway before I drive up to my home or go out in the morning when it’s still dark.

  13. I think anyone with a parent or child who lives alone needs to look into wireless home security systems like the one from Vivint. It offers peace of mind and it’s easy to install so it’s really a win-win and there’s no reason to skip it because it could protect your loved one.

  14. Like so many others we still had that expensive home security system so many people are used to. It’s unfortunate not more people know about Vivint. It’s the best way have an alarm at your home without the big price tag. Trust me, I didn’t hear about Vivint until my co-worker mentioned it and how cheap it is to have in comparison to the big names so many of us are used to for home security systems. I didn’t know Vivint was as cheap because I was too busy writing that monthly check to another security company. There are a lot of options available for home security that weren’t in the cards 20 years ago so if you’ve been with the same company for years, it’s time to step outside of the box and see what else is available for your home. I promise you will be glad you took the time to do the research and you will likely find Vivint is a good choice for your needs. I’ve never heard of anyone being disappointed with Vivint Security. My husband installed Vivint very fast – in about an hour on a Thursday afternoon. I have never seen any installation go this smoothly for him.

  15. I saw a comparison article of home security systems and Vivint ranked among the top even though it was one of the cheapest options. Vivint Security is an excellent product and I can confidently recommend it to those who want a reliable alarm.

  16. Excellent system at an even better price! I do not know what I bothered with so much research before ordering Vivint. I learned of Vivint when looking online for a home security system. I didn’t know these wifi systems were so easy to install. I was expecting a lot of screws and I do not own a proper tool set, so I was very happy to see you didn’t have to use a single screw when installing Vivint. This system sets up nicely in mere minutes and before you know it, you have connected all of the cameras and the motion sensors are intact. Everything that comes with Vivint feels nice quality and has a nice weight. Nothing feels like it’s going to break the minute you start using it. This is a fantastic way to protect your house without spending a ton of money. Don’t think that you are skimping on the basics because of the low monthly fee. Actually Vivint offers the most of any home security system on the market and that’s why so many people are pleased with it. I know Vivint has also been mentioned by a major financial planner people love so that tells you the value right there.

  17. I live alone, so it’s really been necessary to have a security system. The Vivint security system was reasonably priced and is also really easy to use. Not to mention the system helps put my mind at ease.

  18. I like the Vivint app because I have this home security system for my grandparents’ house which is far away. I like that with Vivint I can see them and how the house is doing. Believe it or not, they have also learned how to use the Vivint app and because it is so user-friendly it was not a chore to help them understand it. This is how all technology should work. If it makes life easier and works with no glitches, then it is worth buying and that’s what you find in Vivint. You cannot beat the price either!

  19. Having a professional grade home security system in your house really gives you peace of mind and helps you feel safer than ever. I do not know what made me want a home security system out of the blue, but it could be all of the horrific things I see on the local news on a nightly basis. It’s frightening out there and I figured it’s best to be safe than sorry, which is how I came across Vivint. There are so many security systems to choose from it can become overwhelming. Trust me, I was in your spot just a month ago, but now that I have Vivint I know I’d buy it again and eagerly recommend it to people moving into a new home, condo or apartment. That’s the other thing – because Vivint runs on wifi it is easy to take with you if you move. That’s the best of all worlds! There’s no way you will do better in terms of cost for a more effective home security system. When looking at the specs of this home security system you may think it has a little too much for your needs, but trust me, once you get that first camera set up you may find yourself wanting to add more. This is a smart feature for when it’s dark outside.

  20. Vivint is ideal for any type of home security system you could want. My brother has Vivint and it is set up in a very specific way for his 5000 sq. foot home. I use the same system for my 1500 sq. foot condo so it really does suit every home.

  21. For the price Vivint is amazing. This is seriously the best bang for your buck for home security systems. The detection for the motion sensors is great and works every time we have tested it so no worries there.

  22. Vivint is by far the best home security system we’ve ever used. We’ve had alarms in our home since the mid ‘80s when they first became popular. I have never owned a home alarm that’s as secure and effective as Vivint. As others have mentioned the siren from Vivint is screamingly loud and is sure to scare anyone away. We tested it twice and it worked perfectly and we’ve never had a faux scare with it, which is great because our old system was tripped up for no reason at all. Vivint is also one of the best-priced home security systems available.

  23. Vivint does the basics for a very low price. This means you get a loud alarm that will scare away intruders. It is easy to install this home security system and I am impressed with the level of customer service Vivint offers.

  24. My sister and brother-in-law happen to live next door. We were out of town for the Memorial Day weekend to visit friends who have moved two towns over. You can imagine our surprise when my brother-in-law calls us late at night telling us he saw an intruder in our backyard and has called the police. That is a very scary call to get whether you were home when the intruder was there or not! It is terrifying to think of someone trying to get into your home because what if my kids were in the house! I was shocked since we have very low crime in our area, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never be a victim of theft or assault. When we arrived back home I ordered Vivint and had the opportunity to install it that Sunday. Vivint is very easy to install and setting it up happens in the matter of an hour. The tablet app works well for us since it lets me see the house at all times, in real time. Because the intruder was in our backyard, I opted for two additional cameras – one for the backdoor and one for the corner that opens to a lot. I feel protected.

  25. I looked online for Vivint reviews after my cousin told me about it. I wanted a better home security system than what we had before and Vivint sounded good on all fronts. It arrived quickly and the setup was easy as can be. I am surprised I didn’t mess it up in any way, but I actually got it working within a half an hour or so. After that, I set up the app on my tablet and we were in business. Great experience with Vivint so far and I highly recommend this security system to those who want the wifi capabilities.

  26. I am a nanny to two families. Both families use Vivint and after an incident a few weeks ago, I am thankful they do! Vivint works fast. I happen to be in the family room with the kids watching a movie and someone tried to get in through the door that opens into the kitchen from the side of the house. We definitely heard the door open and then slam, which is what set off the alarm. The alarm was extremely loud and I rushed the kids upstairs. The noise startled the intruder and he took off. The cops came and we are all safe. I know if it weren’t for the alarm that could have gone a very different way.

  27. I wanted a home security system I could depend on. Our previous home alarm was a piece of junk. Twice it did not go off when we had a burglar in the house and one of those times, my wife and son were upstairs. The burglar just did not realize it at first and once he heard my wife, we think he left quickly because nothing was stolen. As you can see, that old system wasn’t working for us and that’s when I switched to Vivint. I thought the first time it could be a glitch, but after having a stranger break-in our home while they were there, it was time for a change and fast. Vivint security was recommended to me by my boss. She is one of those people who researches things ad nauseam, so when she said Vivint was the best on the market I took her word for it. The alarm on Vivint is incredibly loud. I have tested it with our dog and my wife heard it at the end of our block, which is about seven houses away. Vivint performs when you need it to and the wifi features let you watch the house when you aren’t there.
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  28. If you work the night shift like I do, I’m willing to bet you’ve at least once worried about whether you would come home to a home that was the same as when you left it. I worry about my wife and children being at home all night while I work, but right now, third shift is all I can do. We installed a home security system from Vivint for extra protection. It makes my wife feel better knowing help will be on the way even if I’m not there, and it makes me feel better to know my house is being monitored when I can’t be there to protect it.

  29. As a military wife, I’m alone a lot while my husband is deployed. He’s often on the other side of the world, and I’m at home with to young children and no one to protect me. At first, we thought moving to the best neighborhood we could afford was the answer, but even herein a nice suburbs, there are burglaries. After my neighbor’s house was broken into and her jewelry was stolen, I got really nervous, and when several guns were stolen from the house across the street, that was the last straw. Now the burglars plaguing my neighborhood were armed! I went online and did my homework. After researching a ton of security companies, I decided to invest in Vivint, and I’m glad I did. It makes me feel so much safer to know that such a reliable company is watching my back. So far, my investment has really paid off. The burglaries have continued in our neighborhood. It’s mostly small, portable items that are easy to sell. The police think it might be teenagers. But you never know when a criminal will escalate their behavior and put your family in real danger. I’m glad to know the criminals in our neighborhood know I have an active security system.

  30. Vivint is a company that I can trust. I shopped around for a long time before I chose the company I invested my money into. I’ve been a customer for six years – and it has been a great experience the whole time. I recommend Vivint to everyone I see who has concerns about home security and safety. You can’t be a company in business as long as Vivint security has been, unless you are doing something right. I don’t look at it as spending money on home security so much as I do saving money on my homeowner’s insurance policy. It really is a win-win.

  31. We are in our 50’s so retirement is right around the corner. Our home is paid off and though we don’t live in a ritzy neighborhood, neither of us is game for a house note every month when we already have a nice home to live in. Because our neighborhood sees its share of break-ins and the like we decided to go with Vivint for a home security system. I have to say that I wish we’d done this years ago. While we haven’t been the victims of burglary, I know having Vivint active in our home gives both of us peace of mind and it makes things easier in general when you know your home is protected. Our kids are out of the house, but we are home alone a lot and we also go out of town for work, so this means the house isn’t watched. With Vivint we can monitor our home online which is amazing and very easy to use, even for old geezers like us. Everyone we’ve worked with through Vivint has been very understanding and helpful and willing to answer questions right away. These people know customer service and make you feel comfortable when you work with them.

  32. We wanted to buy a home security system for awhile, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Home security systems can get expensive fast and Vivint makes it easy for you to set up the system and get on with life. I thought it would be a lot more complicated to use, but it is very easy and even the kids understand how it works. Vivint has been very helpful from day one and I do not worry about their services at all because they stay in touch with you if you have a problem. Overall it’s a great system.

  33. We have two small children. About two months ago, someone broke into our home at night, while we were home. Oddly enough, the person didn’t do any damage or take anything, but the door they broke into was near my four year old daughter’s room. This was a very scary situation to us and showed just how vulnerable we are to intruders. I called Vivint security because it’s the home security system my neighbor has and I can’t believe how fast they responded. The same day, a rep came to assess our home and created a few plans we could choose from. This was very helpful seeing as we didn’t really know what type of home security system we wanted going into things. Now our home is protected and I know we are safe. If you are in a neighborhood or home where people easily have access to your yard or doors, seriously consider contacting Vivint security. It only takes one time for something bad to happen to your family, so do all you can to protect yourself. You may be surprised at the reasonable monthly cost too. We sure were! Overall Vivint security is number one for home security systems in my book.

  34. Living in the city means you don’t always feel safe. If I’m on the street that’s one thing, but in my own home – I’m sorry but I need to feel safe! I opted for Vivint security because there’s no contract. That’s a major selling point for a lot of people with this alarm system, but it can be hard to find home security systems sans contract which is why so many of us are jumping at Vivint security. I had a scare a month ago. They called me at work and I looked at my home. It ended up my friend with a key took a few packages into my home, but Vivint security handled the issue very well.

  35. If you had a home security system in the 80s when there was a surge in home alarms, Vivint security goes above and beyond your old ideas of an alarm. I cannot believe the lattest things they are doing with home security including wifi footage that lets you monitor your home as long as you have an Internet connection. This is very impressive considering the price you pay each month for services from Vivint security. We have not had to use the alarm system yet, but if we do I know we are in good hands. I know we’ll be Vivint security lifers.

  36. I bought two homes in the past decade as investment properties. One was broken into about four times over the course of those 10 years. I really didn’t think having an alarm in either home would make much of a difference but they have. After having Vivint security in my personal home for two years, I decided to install Vivint security into both rental properties. I also ended up raising the rent by 8% on both properties and filled both with no problem at all. Both tenants noted the alarm system was something they were looking for in a home. One of the homes is in a relatively nice neighborhood, but it was the one that was broken into in past years. I find many more break-ins happen in this area versus the less affluent areas because thieves assume people living in nicer areas have money. This is my theory anyway and it seems to be true because break-ins are common in that area, especially for cars and ground-level condos and townhouses where people sneak into the gate. I think the investment of having Vivint security in my rental homes is well worth the money and I am glad I decided to install them when I did. Since then we have not had an issue with break-ins but if that occurs, I know my tenants and my property are protected with Vivint security.

  37. We were looking through home security systems and learned of Vivint security on a podcast that discusses the latest things for home alarms. Vivint security is such a decent price that I didn’t think their services would be any good but I could not ask for anything else. I had to troubleshoot the alarm after having it for two months and the rep at Vivint security handled the situation perfectly and walked me through the repair, which took less than 10 minutes. This is a fantastic company that provides you with top notch service if you run into a problem. But we’ve had the system for almost a year and only that one problem which they fixed ASAP.

  38. The stats don’t like and home security systems scare intruders off because of the alarm system. Vivint security has an awesome alarm that will wake up the entire neighborhood so you know it will send the bad guys running.

  39. We tried another wireless home security system for a year and it wasn’t very easy to work. There were glitches galore and there were numerous times one of us was out of town and couldn’t login to the network. It was a hassle to deal with so when we found Vivint security we were reluctant to get the wireless home security system at first because we figured it would be the same story. Wrong! Vivint security is by far the best home security system out there. Take a look around at the reviews and you will see there are tons of people happy with their services and it’s because they are reliable, helpful and the alarm system and cameras just plain work. I love technology but I want something that works every time I try to use it. Vivint security gets the job done and I don’t worry about error message or other hiccups when I am trying to view our backyard, which is the most vulnerable point of entry for our home. I think Vivint security works well for any property, but especially those who have strange access points that may make it difficult to put a motion sensor in the area. The cameras really help you out.

  40. We are in our 50’s so retirement is right around the corner. Our home is paid off and though we don’t live in a ritzy neighborhood, neither of us is game for a house note every month when we already have a nice home to live in. Because our neighborhood sees its share of break-ins and the like we decided to go with Vivint for a home security system. I have to say that I wish we’d done this years ago. While we haven’t been the victims of burglary, I know having Vivint active in our home gives both of us peace of mind and it makes things easier in general when you know your home is protected. Our kids are out of the house, but we are home alone a lot and we also go out of town for work, so this means the house isn’t watched. With Vivint we can monitor our home online which is amazing and very easy to use, even for old geezers like us. Everyone we’ve worked with through Vivint has been very understanding and helpful and willing to answer questions right away. These people know customer service and make you feel comfortable when you work with them.

  41. I bought a condo downtown almost a year ago. The crime rate in our city is atrocious, but I did it to be close to work. Because of my home location, I no longer have to battle traffic for an hour and a half a day. Instead, I get on my bike and go about 10 blocks, which saves gas and keeps me in shape. That said, because of the crime and homeless problem in our city, that leaves downtown residence like myself as open targets. Our condo is not completely occupied and they are developing other parts of the center, which means there are many work men coming and going throughout the day. To keep my home and belongings safe I decided to invest in Vivint. They came out and showed me my options and installed my home security system in the same day. I wasn’t planning on committing to Vivint right away, but the representative was very knowledgeable and walked me through what I would pay per month. It fit my budget so I wasn’t worried about anything else. I also like that I can watch my home online and set my alarms from my phone, which is perfect when I go out after work.

  42. After searching for the right home security system for us we found tons of awesome reviews for Vivint. I pay attention to reviews and do a lot of research before checking out a product. I wasn’t sure what to expect because we’ve never had a home security system before. We recently moved to a new home and the neighborhood has experienced a small string of break-ins. Since I don’t want us to be next, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look for an alarm company and Vivint fit the bill. Great rates and trustworthy people that I’d highly recommend to anyone in need of an alarm.

  43. You really never can tell when you are going to be the victim of a senseless crime. I was one of those people who thought that I would never be robbed. Despite the fact that I always heard about robberies on the news, for some reason, I just lived in my happy bubble and never thought that I would be affected. That all changed one night when I heard someone break my back window. You better believe that after that incident, I had a home security system from Vivint Security installed in my home right away. Never will I be victimized like that again! Thanks, Vivint Security!

  44. Guard dogs are great and so are super duper locking devices on front doors, but they can only do so much when it comes to protecting your home from intruders. People are really crazy and desperate now-a-days and they will stop at nothing in order to solve their desperation. Have you noticed that there is a huge rise in the rate of home invasions lately? And with the rising cost of, well, everything, and the increase in joblessness, it is no wonder that people have become so desperate. I am not condoning theft; I am just saying that I can get it to a certain degree. So, in order to keep my property, my valuables, my family and myself protected, I had a security system from Vivint Security installed. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did, too. As luck would have it, as soon as it was installed, my house was broken into! I couldn’t believe it! Man, was I glad that I had that security system installed! Vivint Security responded right away and thanks to them, nothing was stolen or damaged. Anyone who is looking for an excellent security system for their home will benefit from contacting Vivint Security.

  45. The customer support team at Vivint Security is utterly fantastic. Whenever I have a question regarding my home security system, they provide precise, thorough answers in a way that is very easy for me to understand.

  46. I’m very thankful that my home is protected by Vivint Security. Three of the houses on my cul-de-sac were burglarized in the past three weeks, including my neighbor’s house. It wasn’t pretty – they took a bunch of valuable things. However, my house wasn’t touched. It’s really comforting to be able to let would-be thieves know that our home is protected by Vivint Security. Would my house been burglarized if I didn’t have Vivint Security? Maybe, maybe not. However, that’s not a chance I’m willing to take. Because I have Vivint Security and their fabulous home security service, I’ll never have to take that chance.

  47. I have been managing a customer service team at my work for the last seven years, so I know how important it is to give good customer service to a customer. It will oftentimes make or break a relationship. So when the roles are reversed and I am the customer, great customer service really jumps out at me. And I gotta say that Vivint Security’s customer service team is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. The thing they do that makes them so effective is that they immediately build a relationship with you when you’re talking to them, as opposed to being just some automated robot that spits out information. That goes a long, long way into making a customer feeling satisfied. And that has even more weight to it since something as important as the protection of a home is involved. And this isn’t an isolated incident, either. Every time I’ve called their customer service team, I’ve been treated exactly the same. It’s to the point where I would be shocked to no end if I were ever treated differently over the phone. If you want a home security company that provides great service, you have to call Vivint Security.

  48. When someone tried to break into our home a few months ago, Vivint’s excellent security system made sure that person didn’t get too far. If we didn’t have Vivint, Lord knows what would have happened.

  49. I couldn’t be happier with Vivint’s home security service! It’s clear to me that they are experts at making people feel safe. Their system is easy to understand and manage, and I have never had a negative experience with any of their employees. They are warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. It’s also clear that they strongly believe in Vivint’s systems, and that they are making a positive difference in people’s lives. That’s a good thing when you work for a home security company! I would absolutely recommend Vivint’s services to anyone and everyone! They are the best at what they do!

  50. For the longest time, we didn’t have a home security system installed in our home. Then my neighbors across the street got hit when they were on summer vacation. It was pretty brutal. They took their flatscreen TV, a laptop, some jewelry. They even took some old World War II memorabilia that my neighbor had collected over the years. I felt terrible for them. I also didn’t ever want to feel like they did. So we ended up calling Vivint, and they’ve been nothing but wonderful to us. Their system install was painless, the system is easy to use, and their support team is delightful to deal with. More than that, though, Vivint is great because their way they treat their customers gives you the confidence in knowing that they will keep you safe. I hope nobody ever tries to break into my home, obviously. However, if someone does, I know that Vivint’s will not only stop them, their support team will make sure that my family and I are okay. That alone makes Vivint worth checking out if you are in the market for a home security service. If you aren’t in the market for one, you should be.

  51. I trust Vivint 100%. I know without a doubt that they will not only protect me, but they will go out of their way to make sure that I’m okay if something bad were to happen. I can say this because everyone that I’ve ever talked to since I’ve signed up with Vivint has been completely professional, honest, and friendly. They know that they just don’t provide a service – they provide protection, which is something that they take very seriously. If you are in the market for a home security service that you can trust, look no further than here.

  52. Before getting a security system through Vivint, I never thought that I would need to get a home security system installed in my home, especially since I had a pitbull. Boy was I wrong. One evening I was away from my home for a meeting at work and my neighbor discovered that my gate was left open. Apparently, a robber broke in and allowed my dog to escape. Thankfully, my neighbor called the police and the robbers abandoned my home when they heard the police sirens. I finally decided to use Vivint for my home security system and I am so happy that I did.

  53. My sister has been begging me to try Vivint. She has Vivint and she hasn’t had any problems with robberies or burglaries. I feel good knowing that my new security system keeps me secure.

  54. I just got my home security system installed a few weeks ago and it has been working out fine for me. I decided to get a new security system installed in my house when I encountered a halloween prank during last October. A few rowdy neighborhood teens decided to pull a prank by breaking my front door lock. I had to call a locksmith to fix my door. The locksmith company suggested that I call a professional to install a new home security system. They gave me a couple of referrals. I gave them a call and they gave me their estimates. Unfortunately, their prices were extremely expensive. So, I decided to forgo getting a new security system installed in my home. That’s when I heard someone say that you can’t afford not to have a security system installed in your house. I decided to find a few other security alarm companies for quotes. The best quote that I found was from Vivint. They are not only affordable, but they have a very robust security system. I am so glad that I gave them a shot. I recommend Vivint for any homeowner who truly wants to protect their homes from robbers and criminals.

  55. I am so glad that I choose Vivint for my alarm system. Our town went through a blackout and we all were without electricity. There were a lot of break-ins in the neighborhood. Those without alarm systems suffered the most. I am so glad that my alarm system protected my home while we were out of town. I didn’t have to worry about someone breaking in, and even if they tried, the police would be notified immediately. I am thankful for my new home security system. My family and I recommend using Vivint for your home security system. They are the smart choice!

  56. With a home security system from Vivint, you can feel safe knowing that they are protecting your home 365 days of the year. I can finally go to sleep at night knowing that my house is safe all day and night long.

  57. I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital and I am hardly at home. I needed a security system that I could rely on. vivint is a great security system and I feel safe knowing that they are protecting my home when I am at work.

  58. I never really thought too much about home alarm systems until one of my new neighbor’s recommended Vivint security to me about a year ago. They had just moved near me down the street, and had moved right out of a bad neighborhood, which is why they had Vivint security for home security. They were using Vivint security in their new home because their old house had been robbed. I realized that crime could happen anywhere at any time, and with me and husband being away at work all the time, we decided to take our neighbor’s advice and use Vivint. We couldn’t be happier with their service. Vivint offers wonderful customer service and support from people who are very understanding and easy to talk to. Vivint security allows us to keep up on what goes on at our home, we have excellent security, and the installation was easy as pie, not to mention really quick. The best part is that our peace of mind is through the roof now. I’m glad my neighbor recommended Vivint and if you asked me, I’d definitely recommend it to you as well. Plus, Vivint security is more than affordable. I’d give Vivint security a big two thumbs up for sure.

  59. When my neighbor got robbed a few months ago, my wife and I decided that it was time to sign up for a home security service. We didn’t know where to turn, but someone recommended Vivint. Now, we’ve never felt more safe.

  60. I’m writing this review because of how impressed I was with the simplicity of the Vivint system. The equipment works just fine and the folks at Vivint on the phone were very helpful. I recommend this system.

  61. I was drawn to Vivint’s energy package. We are a green household and try to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and use energy wisely. We are happy to do business with like minded companies and that’s why we chose Vivint Security.

  62. vivint goes the extra mile when it comes to people and security. They are a security company that truly cares about their customers. With top of the line technology and outstanding customer service, I can’t believe I didn’t sign up with vivint security sooner. They truly are wonderful when it comes to making your home secure. They made me and my family feel more protected than ever. An alarm system and the ability to view my home when on the go are just wonderful. I’ve never been more satisfied by a company in my life. I’ve also never felt more protected either. If you and your family are searching for an alarm system to keep crooks out, then I recommend using vivint security. I guarantee that they are the most effective security company in the nation. Security just doesn’t get better than vivint security. I give them two thumbs up. Thanks vivint security, for keeping my family and home as safe as can be.

  63. When our dog passed away this fall, we felt as though something was missing both in our family and in our home. We had always found comfort in our dog’s barking when he heard a noise or when a stranger approached our door. Our dog was not a guard dog by any means but he did love our family and he did alert us whenever there was something or someone unfamiliar near our home. This gave us a great sense of comfort and safety in our home and it made us very sad when he was gone.
    A few weeks after he passed, we realized just how much he did help us to feel safe and that we no longer felt as safe in our home. That’s why we decided to get vivint. With vivint, we are able to get the peace of mind that comes with being a customer to the top home security system. We hope that we will never truly have to use it, but just knowing that we have it makes us feel much more comfortable. Their rates are incredibly affordable and they really have a great product. They really value customer service and their customer service representatives are always there to help if you should have any questions, comments, or concerns. Having vivint security hasn’t replaced the sadness that we feel over losing our dog, but it has given us the freedom of making us feel more safe in our home and for that, I am truly grateful and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for the same.

    • Vivint is worth the cost and then some. Their security system works great, and their customer service is superb. My family and I feel so much safer knowing that we have Vivint on our side!

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