Safety Measures for Homes with Security Systems

Safety Measures

Security systems set off an alarm within the home and also contact the authorities, if they are programmed to do so. Still, there are many things to ensure your family and home are safe beyond a security system. Take the time to educate your family on the purpose of a home security system and the further preventative tactics you can all take to keep your home safe

  1. Secure all windows and doors. Even if a thief knows you have a home security system, they are often anxious to work around this if they think they can. The problem with thieves is they think they are capable of pulling off more than they actually are, so be sure all windows are doors are secure, shut tightly and are locked at all times. Teach children to regularly check these locks when windows and doors are opened.
  2. Don’t advertise when you’ll be away. This is along the same lines as keeping hush-hush about having an alarm system. Friends and family could make the innocent mistake of telling a neighbor or co-worker that you and your family are out of town. This could then be passed along to less scrupulous people and you could end up with a break-in. Your security system would notify the police, but it is best avoid opening the door to strangers learning you’re out of town.
  3. Set timers for lights. Lights usually infer there are people at home. It’s why lights with timers were created. This is especially important for those who come home on their own late at night or if you’re going out of town. Lights should be on throughout the house (with some distance in-between). While you may worry about your utilities bill, remember that you can also set the timer to go off when you would normally be in bed and house would be dark. Be sure to set timers for lights for rooms that are visible through windows, such as the living room and a bedroom.
  4. Keep valuables out of sight when new people are in your home. This doesn’t mean hide your fancy TV. If new people are in your home, such as friends of friends or family members of your neighbors’, don’t flash your expensive watch, brag about your jewelry collection or show off all of the pricey tech gadgets and electronics you have. Flashing these things could lead someone to believe there’s more where those expensive things came from and they may come back searching when you aren’t home.

Put up signs that say you have a home security systems. Most companies provide homes and families with the proper stickers and signs that advertise the home is protected by that company. Make a point of displaying these things where they are very noticeable. Stickers should be placed in all windows at eye level. Do this even where sensors are not in effect. Sometimes a warning is all a thief needs in order to stay away.