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  • Price: $19.99 – $42.99 per month
  • Best Pricing, Great Protection
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  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty on Products
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Protect America Reviews

Protect America offers five distinct home security plans. Protect America’s two entry-level plans are called the Copper Package and the Bronze Package.
Protect America’s three premium plans are referred to as the Silver Package, the Gold Package, and the Platinum Package. These premium packages can have Protect America’s “Smart Connect” capability, which is the ability to control your alarm from your mobile device, if Cellular or Broadband Monitoring is chosen as an option.

Wireless Home Security

Protect America has been investing in and perfecting wireless home security systems for 20 years, and considers themselves pioneers of this technology. Not only can you have a security system in your home without the added cost of a separate telephone line, you also have access to mobile applications, home automation, video monitoring, and much more. Landline, Broadband, or Cellular monitoring is available on any of Protect America’s Packages.

The Copper Package

Protect America’s first entry-level plan is called the Copper Package and is priced starting at $19.99 per month. This plan appears to be designed for smaller dwelling units. The Copper Package includes a Control Panel, 3 door or window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 yard sign and 3 window stickers.

The Bronze Package

Protect America’s Bronze Package is perfect for a family starter home. The package is priced starting at $35.99 per month. The Bronze Package contains all of the components of the Copper Package, however 7 door or window sensors are included. This package is typically ideal for homes at or below 1,200 square feet.

The Silver Package

Protect America’s Silver Package is the most basic of the three Premium Packages. The Silver Package is Protect America’s most popular package. Pricing starts at $37.99 per month. The Silver Package contains everything provided in the Bronze Package, however 10 door or window sensors are included. This package is sized for an average home which is evidenced by its popularity.

The Gold Package

Protect America’s Gold Package is an excellent solution for larger sized homes, typically sized up to 3,500 square feet. Pricing for this package starts at $39.99 per month. It includes all of the components of the Silver Package, but there are 12 door or window sensors included.

The Platinum Package

Protect America’s Platinum Package is the ultimate solution for home security. Pricing for this package starts at $42.99 per month. This package should provide enough sensors in order to protect all of the perimeter entry points in just about any home. The Platinum Package contains all of the components of the Gold Package, but there are 15 door or window sensors included in the price.

Final Review of Protect America

Protect America has been providing home security services for 20 years. This track record and experience is important because if you were to purchase a home security system through Protect America, chances are they will be around to provide service, offer competitive rates, and honor warranties for years to come. With a variety of equipment upgrades available and 24/7 monitoring, Protect America is one of the best home security companies out there.


75 comments on “Protect America

  1. I bought a home security system from Protect America Security and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result. My family is safe, and I like that I can check up on the house when I’m away through the app. All the features available to me are great.

  2. When I first decided to get a home security system, I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I started with the biggest name I could think of. It wasn’t really for me, though. A friend of mine recommended Protect America Security, and from the minute I called, I felt like they’d be the best fit. They friendly service guy was easy to talk to, and he never made me feel like an idiot for not knowing certain things about home security systems. He simply answered my questions and offered advice and input where appropriate. He was so friendly that I actually asked to speak to his manager and let the manager know what an awesome employee they have. But, I decided to buy my system from Protect America Security. When the tech came out to install it, he wasn’t as talkative as the first guy, but he was still helpful all the same. The installation didn’t take long, and I was shown how to use the system, and what to expect if something should happen. I liked the fact that I would be notified if someone tried to break in. I’ve been using Protect America Security’s services for four months now, and I haven’t had a single incident. It could be the sign in my front yard that says I’m protected, but either way, I’m completely satisfied with my home security system.

  3. A lot of security companies spout off a bunch of nonsense for services and features you don’t need, and home security systems can be one of the most frustrating things to shop for. Honestly, I’d rather shop for a car. But, then I came across Protect America Security and I was really surprised that they seemed more interested in selling me what I actually needed. They asked a lot of questions, and they were very open about their costs. Their staff was knowledgeable, which is something I value in a company. I’d recommend Protect America Security to my friends and family, and that’s saying something since I never recommend anything to anyone.

  4. I’m a single mother of two, so I can’t afford to not be protected. There was no question that I would get a home security system, but finding the right one was a challenge. They were either too expensive or they didn’t do what I wanted them to do. It’s simple really: install cameras and sensor, and monitor my house. I just want them to call the cops if someone starts acting crazy. One of my coworkers recommended Protect America, so I called to get more information. They did everything I wanted, and their prices are just right, too. I’m glad I found this company, and you should give them a try if you need a security system.

  5. I got a home security system from Protect America, and everything works just the way they said it would. My husband and I wanted to be proactive rather than reactive, so we got the system installed before there were any issues. We’re happy to report that we like the system and haven’t had any issues.

  6. I injured my back on the job not too long ago, and that meant I was home on short-term disability for a little while. My wife was worried about what would happen if someone tried to break in, though I don’t know why she was worried while I was home more so than she was when I was working, but she was. We called Protect America to get more information about home security systems and what to expect. We actually called several places at first, but none of them seemed to offer anything more than we already knew. Protect America went into details with us and didn’t pressure us into any commitments. We signed up and had them come out and install the system within the week. Because we chose the monitoring option, we did have to sign a contract. But, there are several options available, so don’t let that scare you off. There is some flexibility, and you get a great rate when you choose the longer option. We love our new system, and we think anyone who gets one will love it, too.

  7. I am 100% impressed with Protect America. We are talking about a reliable home security system that protects you. Now we have it in our new house and feel very safe because the alarm is incredibly loud.

  8. I am not one to write reviews because I find every product works differently for every person, so I refrain from pushing my thoughts on others through online reviews. Protect America is something everyone needs because it is so darn user friendly and the price is right for a home security system. At this point a home security system has become an essential, which I am not really a fan of, but the times are changing and that means upping the security to protect yourself. Protect America lets you add that without overspending which I appreciate as an elderly woman on a fixed income.

  9. I am so excited to have Protect America in our home finally! I actually stayed in a rental property with Protect America and the owners told me how easy it was to work and how affordable it is. Great system!

  10. True story: we ordered Protect America because our babysitter suggested it to us. She told us that two other homes in the neighborhood were burglarized in the past month and because of this her own family installed Protect America. I talked to her parents the next day and they told us how easy it is to install Protect America and how the wifi cameras work. Once I saw these in action on the iPad I was amped to try it out for ourselves. I didn’t know cameras ran on wifi these days! Where have I been all of this time? I love how clear the picture quality is. You can clearly see your yard or driveway with no problems. This is a nice tool if you want to see what’s going on at your house at all times. For us, we are both away frequently and work long hours. With Protect America I can see the house at all hours of the day, even when I’m not there. When were are home, Protect America is still a great thing to have because you can check on the perimeter of your home without going outside. There are no downsides to Protect America when you compare it to the competition. You’re still getting a great product, just for a much lower price than you’re used to.

  11. There’s no way you will find a better deal for a home security system out there. Protect America is ideal for people who need wifi cameras and want to watch their home when they’re out of town. That’s what we use it for.

  12. Make it easy on yourself to protect your home. Protect America lets you do that in just a few steps. Protect America was recommended to me by a co-worker at my school. We don’t have many criminals in our area, but a lot of idiot teenagers who like to vandalize property and then act shocked when we call the cops. Protect America is now here to scare the crap out of these hoodlums and I can’t wait. This home security system is just the right price for my teaching salary and I wouldn’t trade it because I know once word gets around that I have an alarm, my home will be left alone.

  13. OK forget the big name alarm companies you know and go with this home security system. It may not be the big name you recognize but Protect America offers everything you need in alarm without paying the ridiculous fees.

  14. Crime is really quite the issue in society and it’s really true that you can’t trust anyone. There’s lot that goes on in the world and you want your neighborhood and where you live to be a safe place. As such, it’s really quite necessary to invest in a security system. That’s why I decided to have the Protect America security system installed in my home. I’ll never switch to any other company after selecting this brand. The main reason is that the Protect America security system provides a nice lifetime guarantee. Not only that but I can tell that it is made really well and the customer service is first-rate. There are lots of additional components on the system that I’m happy are included because it ensures my safety. The biggest system add-ons are that it is linked to the fire and police departments. I really feel safe knowing that the authorities are only a button push away. In an emergency this would save me a lot of time since I wouldn’t have to call, I could just push a button. I’m really glad that I discovered the Protect America security system and would never switch to any other type of security system because this one is the only one I’ll ever need!

  15. I have read a lot about studies about home security systems and you’d be surprised to see how much things like a loud alarm and door stickers make such a difference to deter intruders. This is what you really need to make the intruder move on to the next house. You do not need those super expensive home security systems and Protect America lets you take care of your house without spending outside of your comfort zone. There’s no reason things like this should be so expensive and Protect America proves it doesn’t have to be. You will see just how easy it is to install Protect America. It took me 40 minutes!

  16. I knew Protect America had to be a good deal because my former co-worker is a bit of a cheapskate and has raved about Protect America since she purchased it mid-last year. It was time for us to get a home security system because we have a newborn and she and my wife are home alone a lot these days while I toil away at the office. This home security system runs on wifi, which means I can check on my girls when I’m not there and my wife can see all of our backyard when she’s inside the house. It’s been a great addition so far.

  17. I’d describe myself as a very senior citizen and Protect America was set up in about an hour and a half. I have had to troubleshoot Protect America and the customer service was ace. Home security systems were not always this easy and Protect America is a welcomed change.

  18. I read one complaint that said the siren on Protect America is too loud! Ridiculous! How can alarm ever be too loud? You need it loud to get rid of those thieves who are trying to take off with your things and who knows, maybe even one of your children! When I read that I decided I had to write my own review because the loud siren is what you want for any home security system. There is no point in having a timid or mild alarm with a home security system when you are trying to get rid of an intruder. That loud siren goes off and it has made an intruder leave our property fast. We were thankful to have Protect America at the time and will continue to use it for years to come. It is a very affordable system and fit for most homes. Our house is a modest 3000 square feet and Protect America protects it just fine. I would never spend more on any home security system because it isn’t necessary. Look at some of the other home security systems available and you’ll see how everything you get with Protect America outdoes the competition by a longshot. I am continuously impressed with the level of customer service Protect America offers. You will not find that for all of the home alarm companies, which is plus Protect America has going for them.

  19. I am a person who loves to research what they buy before they buy it. Protect America let me check off all of my needs with no problems and the price is reasonable. I’m in grad school with a limited budget so this home security system works for me.

  20. I was recommended Protect America by my cousin who knew I wanted a new home security system. I have no complaints and everything works as it should, which is fantastic when you look at the price. It’s downright affordable.

  21. Yes! Finally a home security system that lets you customize the experience. There are so many home security systems that force you get this and that. With Protect America you have so many options. Confused on what you need for your home? Call the customer service line. Trust me, I think these people actually like talking to customers because they are always pleasant and easy to deal with. Protect America is the best home security system we’ve had and we’ve had one in the house since the late ‘80s. I’d never bother to write a review unless I think it’s something that will benefit every household and family.

  22. I like that Protect America is equipped with wifi. For me, this makes things so much easier because I can check on my house regularly even when I’m away. As a single woman living alone, this is what I need.

  23. Protect yourself. I am serious. Take the time to read about all of the insane crime going on out there and then feel it’s OK that you don’t have a home security system. We felt that way for years because our neighborhood is fairly upscale and there is low crime. A family was randomly murdered two weeks ago for no apparent reason and our small police department is still struggling to make the connection but so far it looks like a random act of violence. There are people out there who prey on families and watch your every move without you even knowing it. Protect America offers all of the protection you need. What grabbed me is the wifi feature, which means I have cameras all around the house and I can see who is out there with the tap of an app. This offers us so much security. Everyone in our area is very scared right now and on pins and needles, so I am recommending Protect America to all of our neighbors. It is sad the state of our country, but if you don’t want to be a victim you really have to take the precautions to protect your family and your home.

  24. I knew Protect America was a good home security system because it’s what my sister has in her nearly 8,000 square foot home. If it’s good enough for a gigantic place that size, I figured it would work for our modest 2,000 square foot condo. I like that you can customize the system so it suits your needs. Not every home is built the same, so it’s no wonder you look at some alarm companies and wonder how they expect you to pay through the nose for your small home. Protect America gets it right and they get two thumbs-up for both me and my sis.

  25. I originally read about Protect America on a home safety site that reviews different home security systems. At the time, we were still locked into a contract with our former home security provider so it wasn’t something I could try out right away. Now that I have had Protect America in our home for six months, I can tell you it is drastically better than our previous system, which was limited compared to what Protect America can do. Our kids go home alone after extra-curricular activities. There is a small window they are alone, but they do let themselves into an empty house. Any parent knows that an accident can happen in seconds. Though the kids are only alone for about 40 minutes total, I feel a lot better because I know I can check on the house at any time with Protect America. The kids know I am watching them and make sure they get started on homework any chores they have around the house. For us, Protect America is the best thing we’ve done in terms of home security and I know it is the right choice for our family. You will not be disappointed with Protect America. When you compare what it does to features offered by the other guys, Protect America is hands-down the best choice.

  26. After a few weeks of comparing notes on each of the three home security systems my wife and I researched before buying Protect America, it became clear Protect America was the only choice we had. A lot of other home security systems make big promises but when it comes down to putting all of these features into play they are nickel and diming you worse than an electric company. I know for us Protect America is the most affordable option for a home security system and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good alarm system that has the best of technology with good customer service that doesn’t give you the run around.

  27. Given my rather extension collection of music memorabilia, I never felt like insurance was enough. Since the majority of the items in my collection are not replaceable, I decided to invest in a home security system from Protect America. It’s been one of the best investments I have ever made, outside of the investments in the music memorabilia collection itself, of course. While I do have insurance to protect my investments and other belongings, the home security system actually helps keep those premiums low, which is important due to the dollar amount of coverage I require to cover everything in my home.

  28. My wife and I are on a pretty strict budget, and it’s hard to make ends meet. So we thought installing a security system would be way out of our reach. Then one of our friends had a break-in and lost everything. The robbers backed a truck up to their apartment while they were out of town for the weekend and took everything. Beds, TVs, computers, furniture, clothing…everything. It was awful. You don’t realize how much you have until you lose it all. After talking it over, my wife and I decided it’s more affordable to have a security system than to leave everything we own unprotected. Still, we dragged our feet. Until my wife found out she was pregnant. With a baby on the way, we knew we had to take action. My family means everything to me. At the same time, we had to find a system we could afford, and one that worked. Protect America really fit the bill. It was easy to install, it’s easy to use, and it provides all the security we needed to keep our growing family safe and secure. We will never regret the decision to invest in home security, even if we did have to make some budget adjustments.

  29. In today’s world, you need a home security system to do more for you than monitor your home for break ins. That’s why I went with Protect America. My home is constantly monitored, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for burglary, fire, and flood. Even when I am not home, I know my home is safe and the proper authorities will be contacted immediately should I ever need them. The protection gives me peace of mind and practically pays for itself with the discount on my home insurance premiums. Protect America has a lifelong customer in me – and some of my friends.

  30. I am a college student living in a standard college apartment. The thing is that my fiance is gone most of the time because of work. Protect America home security systems helps me sleep much more peacefully at night! Sorry, but I am a worrier, and as someone who has read countless stories about horrible things, I just couldn’t deal anymore. Regardless, Protect America home security systems just provides so much security. It has sensors and alarms that go off if any sort of intrusion or odd activity is detected. Plus, it immediately sends signals to the authorities. All in all, I am glad I made this purchase. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  31. We looked at a more expensive home security system but in the end it looked like Protect America would work for what we needed. We really just want the wireless cameras and motion sensors, both of which Protect America offers. Great prices too.

  32. We had to troubleshoot our Protect America system, but for most home security systems this happens periodically. I was impressed with how they handled the problem and everything was squared away within 15 minutes and my alarm worked just fine.

  33. Protect America offers the absolutely ultimate home security systems Basically, it comes with sensors, detectors, cameras and other stuff that monitors for intrusions and some other stuff. It’s your home, so why not spend the money to protect it? The best The best part is that it’s all wireless. I used to have a system back in the 90s and God it had wires running all over my home. Quite annoying! I’m not sure how the technology works, but the point is that you don’t have to worry about watching out for wires or making sure stuff is plugged in correctly.

  34. I like that Protect America offers different plans for different homes. We have an old house with an awkward layout but the tech made sure all vulnerable entry points are protected with our Protect America alarm. I appreciate that.

  35. There is not much more to be said of Protect America and their home security systems. I am very impressed with how on point this system performs. We have two alarms from Protect America — one is for my mother-in-law and the other is at our home. We had a scare with my mother-in-law who fell last spring. Within minutes the EMS truck was at my mother-in-law’s front door and she was rushed to the emergency room. That is service we would have paid double for because until we retire, my mother-in-law will live alone and we cannot get to her at all hours of the day.

  36. We have two businesses on opposite ends of town. One of these properties has been burglarized twice despite the fact that we keep no cash on the property. Thieves get desperate and they start breaking into anywhere they can in search of things they can cash in. In our case, this was scrap metal. We now have both properties covered with alarm systems thanks to Protect America. I think this is the best thing we have done for our company and I wish we’d done it sooner. Now we can watch the property when we’re away which offers peace of mind.

  37. I own a dance studio. Why anyone would want to break into a dance studio is beyond me, but it happens. My parents told me to get a security system early on, but it was a cost I couldn’t handle at the time since I was opening my business and had many other expenses. I like that Protect America offers great rates. Now my studio is protected and I can also check the alarms from my phone, which is a major perk since I live several miles from the studio. I think Protect America is one of the best companies to work with for security systems and their technology is excellent.

  38. The magnetic sensors and motion detectors with the Protect America home security alarm system are ace. You will not find better quality in this department especially considering the price. I recommend Protect America to anyone looking for an alarm.

  39. We have lived in our neighborhood for almost 20 years and this year crime has been awful. Our next door neighbor’s home was broken into and several cars in the area have been stolen. I didn’t want us to be the next victims, which is why I started the process of looking for an affordable home alarm system. I didn’t want anything that was difficult to use either. I thought Protect America sounded good according to their site and reviews and called them. They were very prompt coming out to the house and looking what main areas we needed protected. I liked that Protect America also showed me how to do everything online, from make a payment to check on my home. We travel about three times a year to visit our daughter in a different state and with Protect America I have the peace of mind knowing I can check on the house whenever we want. The world has become a scary place and all you can do is take the proper precautions to try and keep burglars away from your property. I know we are very pleased with the customer service we got with Protect America and recommend them to anyone who needs an alarm system at home.

  40. We found Protect America through our neighbors and I was floored at how affordable it was for a home security system. Setup was a breeze and anytime we’ve had to interact with a rep we’ve been satisfied.

  41. Protect America is probably the best deal on the market for home security systems. We were searching high and low for the best deal because I cannot afford extras at the moment, but our neighborhood has become especially dangerous in the past two years and I can’t put off getting an alarm any longer. It’s time to make a decision so I went with Protect America and their alarm has worked out very well. It has already sounded twice in the short while we’ve had it, warding off intruders both times. I was able to see the guys be scared off on the video footage and it feels good to know I have this extra level of protection.

  42. My sister lasted 17 days at her new townhouse before there was a near-robbery. It happened in the middle of the night, while she was at home! The HOA gave her the option of having a home security system through them when she bought the property but she opted out thinking she was in a safe area. In this city no place is safe I guess, no matter how much your mortgage is. She wanted something with wireless cameras, which the HOA doesn’t offer anyway and this is how we stumbled upon Protect America. Protect America is a fantastic company to work with and when I called for my sister, they answered all of my questions right away without making me feel like I was annoying them. Customer service is lacking these days but not with them. I am very happy we chose them because now my sister can watch her home and the exterior whenever she wants through the nifty wireless security cameras. We also customized the motion sensors and if you have a large home with more susceptible windows and doorways, you can order more. Protect America is a highly rated company for a reason and that’s because they provide exceptional support to all customers.

  43. I think there’s a reason you see so many glowing reviews for Protect America online. These people know customer service and take their job seriously. With my old home alarm, I was lucky if I could get a rep on the phone because they wanted me to do everything online only! Being an older woman I am not comfortable communicating that way. With Protect America I have never had a problem trying to reach someone when I have a question. It is also a very easy security system to learn to work. I know I will be a customer for years to come because of this.

  44. I moved to a new city about six months ago. I like it a lot, but because I work so much I have had very limited time to make friends. With my work schedule, I also come home very late at night when there aren’t many people around my townhouse, which is at the end of the development. My parents were pushing for me to get a home security system and I finally decided to reach out to Protect America to see what they could do for me. I loved how their customer service really makes you feel safe from your first encounter with Protect America. I told them what I needed and what I wanted to pay and they came up with two security options for me. I think any company willing to give you options is awesome, which is why I decided to go with Protect America. They installed the home alarm system over the weekend in just a couple of hours and showed me how it worked. It is a very simple system, but it’s effective and keeps me sane when I am alone at night. Protect America is a very good company to deal with and their customer service is top-notch.

  45. I thought installing a home security system would be a big ordeal but Protect America proved me wrong. The techs were in and out of my house in a couple of hours and I was impressed with how meticulous he was in teaching me how to use the home alarm. I know this is important but with our previous provider, we were never taught anything but the basics. Protect America went beyond that and I feel confident teaching my college-age kids how to use the alarm when they are in town. Protect America has proven to be an excellent company all around.

  46. It’s really sad that so many security companies take advantage of the desire to feel safe by charging way too much for their services. Well, that is something that you don’t have to worry about with Protect America. Not only do they offer the best service, they provide it at the best price!

  47. When my daughter and her new husband moved into their new house, like any father, I wanted to make sure that they would be as safe as possible. Well, that is why I arranged to have a home security system from Protect America installed in their house. They were pleasantly surprised to find out that I had arranged for this installation. We have been protected by Protect America for several years and have never once had an issue with our safety, which gave my daughter and my new son-in-law an instant sense of peace of mind as soon as they moved in.

  48. My husband and I are away quite a bit. We both travel a lot for business and we also enjoy traveling for the sake of the experience and the adventure. Since we are gone so often, the safety and security of our home is always on our mind. You never know when someone is going to target our house because we are away so often, break in and steal our belongings. And, since we are away so often, we would likely not know about it until it was way too late. Well, given all of this information, we didn’t want to risk putting our house and property in harm’s way; so, we contacted Protect America. We had heard wonderful things about them from a few friends of ours who are also on the road quite a bit. Upon meeting with them, we were quite impressed. They have quite an amazing security system and they offer it at a great price. We had them install our security system the day after we met them and it only took a matter of a few minutes for them to install it. Now, we never worry about the safety of our home, thanks to Protect America.

  49. We did a lot of comparison shopping when it came to home security services, and we found Protect America provided the most bang for our buck. Protect America is affordable, friendly, and excellent at what they do.

  50. My husband and I have a 17-year old boy and a 15-year old girl. They are old enough and mature enough to allow my husband and I to sneak out of the house for a local weekend getaway every now and then, which is cool and all. However, when we do go on these getaways, I want to make sure that they are safe and sound. And honestly, we would not feel comfy with going on these trips if we did not have Protect America installed. Their system is easy enough to understand and manage, that both my kids can make sure it’s on and working when need be. Because of this, I have all the confidence in the world that they’ll be free from danger. It is a pretty liberating feeling, to be honest. I also know that if that alarm were to go off, Protect America’s team would stop at nothing to make sure that the kids were all right. It is a system that I trust completely, which is something that you should be able to do if you’re talking about a company that’s in charge of your family’s well-being. Because of that, I cannot recommend this service enough.

  51. How well does Protect America’s system work? Very well. A few months ago, my husband accidentally tripped up the alarm somehow, and Protect America responded to the situation within a blink of an eye. We were safe, of course, but seeing firsthand just how fast Protect America’s response time to our situation was made me feel even safer. If they can act that efficiently during a false alarm, there’s no doubt that they will do the same if, God forbid, a real emergency happened. Since then, I have told everyone I know that doesn’t have a home security system to call Protect America immediately.

  52. As someone whose job puts her on the road for half the year, an excellent home security service is very important to me. After a ton of research, I decided to go with Protect America. In the time that I’ve been a customer, Protect America has proven to me time and again that I made the right choice. Even when I’m 1,000 miles away, I can feel very comfortable that my home is well-protected because of Protect America’s services. Because of them, I never worry about the safety of my home, because I know it’s covered. And that is truly a great feeling.

  53. Feeling safe is a big deal to me. If I am not doing everything I possibly can to keep my twin girls from being in danger, than I am failing as a mother. That’s why my husband and I signed up for Protect America’s home security service a couple years ago, when I was pregnant with them. They instantly made us feel like we had been customers with them for decades. And they still do. Everyone over there knows the system like the back of their hand, and when you talk to them, you can totally hear the smiles on their faces. Then again, I suppose when you are representing a home security system that runs as flawlessly as Protect America’s does, you probably can’t help but take pride in your work. I’ve never had a single issue with our security system – it is ridiculously easy for us to manage. And the price tag for their services is very competitive. That is a pretty big feature for me these days, because twins aren’t exactly cheap. You should definitely check out Protect America’s service if feeling safe and secure in your home matters to you in the slightest. You will be glad you did.

  54. As a mom, my biggest concern is keeping my two kids out of harm’s way. That’s why my husband and I got Protect America. We wanted to give the kids that extra layer of protection. And we’re so glad we did! Protect America’s service team has been great to deal with; I’ve never had a single time where the person I’ve spoken with was rude, unpleasant, or sounded like he or she didn’t care. It’s that level of service that lets me know that my family and I are in good hands, and that lets me sleep at night a lot better!

  55. Shortly after we signed up with Protect America, we had someone attempt to break into our house. The would-be robber was unsuccessful because Protect America’s system triggered flawlessly. Plus, Protect America’s team responded to the alarm almost instantly, and then they bent over backwards to make sure that we were okay. It is one thing to hear someone say that a home security service works well, but it’s another thing entirely when you see that service in action. I have seen how they respond in a time of crisis, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Because of Protect America, I absolutely know I’m safe.

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  57. I bought a second home and needed to find a security company to install a new home security system. I needed a system that I could depend on day and night. There are so many companies out there to choose from that it can be confusing. One reason why I choose Protect America Security is because they offer great features with their system. It is also very easy to use, I didn’t have to call tech support with problems like many people have to deal with through other companies. I recommend Protect America Security for home security. They are a great company to secure your home.

  58. We live in a gated community and I didn’t think that having a home security system was necessary, especially since we have 24-hour security patrol. I decided to get Protect America Security home security system after my home was broken into.

  59. Typically, I know nothing when it comes to technology. I can barely program my DVR. So when a guy like me tells you that Protect America Security’s home security system is easy to manage, you know that I am not exaggerating. If I can figure out how to manage the system without accidentally setting off the alarm about once a week, then you’ll have no problem managing it. And it’s a great system, too! There’s no way a burglar is getting into my house. If the technology behind home security intimidates you, call Protect America Security — you’ll see you’ll have nothing to fear.

  60. Why did I choose Protect America for my home security system? There are three reasons why. For one, they offered me a great rate. I was on a budget and I didn’t want to spend a lot to get an alarm system. They also have a strong alarm system. Their siren is very loud – so loud that it makes everyone aware there is a burglary. Plus, whenever there is a break-in or even an attempt, the authorities will be notified immediately. In addition, Protect America is available 24/7. I feel safe knowing that my alarm system company is looking out for my safety and security.

  61. I had a security system for my place of business and my car, but I didn’t have one for my home. I decided to try Protect America to see how it works. I haven’t had any problems with burglaries. Robbers hate my new security system.

  62. My security system needed repair and the company I was dealing with wanted to charge me a lot of money to get it fixed. I just decided to go with Protect America. They have so much more to offer plus they are more affordable.

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  68. I have had Brinks in the past I like Protect America better. The Protect America keypad is excellent and it controls my Z-Wave devices. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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    • My family and I have been using Protect America for just over a year now, and we wouldn’t want it any other way (unless of course we could go back in time and call Protect America up earlier). I don’t know what we would do without the peace of mind that Protect America gives us. We actually were reminded to get Protect America by my sister. She loves Protect America, but up until last year I didn’t really think that we needed a home alarm.

      Unfortunately, someone at work was actually robbed, and that’s what entice my wife and I to finally listen to my sister’s advice and to go ahead and give Protect America a call. We’re 100% satisfied, and I don’t think we could ask for much more. We’re always up-to-date with what is happening at the home, even when we’re on-the-go. Plus, I can have a sound sleep every night knowing that we are all protected by top-notch security. Thanks to the folks at Protect America, we can always have peace of mind! We’ve had Protect America for a little over year, and we wouldn’t pick anyone else. Thanks Protect America. If you’re looking for a home alarm, I can safely say that Protect America is definitely worth it.

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  74. When my mom came to stay with me, I was afraid she was going to screw up my security system when she turned it on and off while I was at work. Sure enough, even my eighty-year-old, not-so-technologically advanced mom was able to program it with no problem. That says a lot about the system—and my mom. LOL.

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