LiveWatch Security

  • Monitoring and Immediate Response Times
  • Signals Secure on Wireless Networking
  • Free Account Changes, No Questions
  • Self-Installation and Time-Saving Hardware
  • Prices Starting as Low as $19.95 Monthly

LiveWatch Security Review

Take out all of the sleazy business practices of the security industry like hidden fees, installation appointments, auto-renewals, and rate hikes, and what you’re left with is LiveWatch. Over 200,000 safe customers trust this company’s improved industry standards. Homes are kept secure across all 50 states in the nation from LiveWatch’s headquarters in St. Marys, Kansas and their office in Evanston, Illinois. Being in control of your own security is the only true safety, and LiveWatch imbues you with this power.

LiveWatch Security Features

Forget about landlines that can be cut and power that can go out. LiveWatch’s system is always live and capable of keeping you safe thanks to each component being wirelessly configured with each other, the alarm panel, and your smart phone. The main hub can contact you and LiveWatch through any cellular network and the internet, meaning there is no chance that you wonít be alerted to any unexpected activity. The various types of sensors can be installed on doors, windows, and walls strategically so every square inch of your home is monitored constantly.

What Makes LiveWatch Security Unique?

The wireless integration already sets LiveWatch apart from other companies, but there is more that makes them an industry leader. LiveWatch does completely honest business without all of the small print that locks you into long contracts, hidden fees, and other irritations. Everything is out in the open so you can make the best decision without secret surprises later on down the line. LiveWatch takes business as serious as they do security.

What Does LiveWatch Security Cost

Three tiers of plans exist with LiveWatch. The first provides you with the essentials at $19.95 per month, which are 24/7 monitoring, secure wireless connectivity, and immediate alarm response and resolution. At $29.95, you can add on smartphone control and alarm panel protection that keeps anyone from tinkering with your system from the inside. For $39.95, you can add on home automation and receive an overall discount as well. Automation means that you can create a system of timers to enable and disable any aspect of the system, including thermostat control that matches your daily routine so you don’t have to deal with it daily.

Excellent Customer Service

Sometimes you need urgent help or just have a common question. Whatever you need, LiveWatch has a system in place to get you the information you need quickly and efficiently. This is why major publications have acknowledged their customer service as top of the line and customers rate them at a 4.9 out of 5 stars. Through their website, you can search through the FAQ knowledge base, chat to a live representative, submit a help ticket, or give them a call. Whatever you need, you’ll have an answer as immediately as if your alarm went off.

Final Review of LiveWatch Security

Don’t settle for less when such a respected company as LiveWatch is ready to secure your home at the best prices on the market. Their wireless networking , smartphone app, and home automation ensures that your system is always engaged and ready to alert you and the LiveWatch professionals of any security issues. There are no levels of security. You are either safe or not, and safety is LIveWatch’s specialty. Thank you for reading our LiveWatch Security reviews.


16 comments on “LiveWatch Security

  1. When we got our new home security system from Livewatch security, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t want to spend the money, but my husband did. After it was installed and they showed us how it worked, I began to see the value. Our home was protected, and that’s a great feeling.

  2. I bought a new home security system after someone broke into my house. Livewatch security was great to work with. Everyone was knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions, which made me feel better. I like how easy it is to use the system, as well.

  3. One can’t be too careful these days, and I think a good security system is a must. I recommend Livewatch security as these guys really know what they’re talking about. The staff helped me set everything up, and it’s easy to use. Call them if you need a new system.

  4. We started researching wireless home security systems two months ago when a business close to our own was robbed. I love that with Livewatch Security I can watch the store from home or wherever I am. This is a must-have tool for business owners who want to keep an eye on their property.

  5. Using the Livewatch wireless home security system for the past year I can say it truly works for getting rid of a potential burglary. Our home was broken into, but because of the loud alarm from Livewatch the thieves ran off. Good news for us!

  6. There are an abundant number of home security systems to choose from and when you start comparing features and price, Livewatch comes out the clear winner. I wasn’t expecting to find a home security system for this low price, but I have and now that we’ve had it working for three months I can safely recommend it to others. The alarm doesn’t have any weird glitches, installation is easy and the live chat feature is awesome for questions on the app when you can’t get to a phone. Excellent service every time I’ve used the live chat and they never try to rush me off.

  7. For the price Livewatch is among the best wireless home security systems and this is reflected in the positive online reviews. I am very impressed with everything people say about Livewatch and I’m here to confirm that it is as easy as they say and protects your home.

  8. I heard about LiveWatch through a co-worker who is a true cheapskate. This is a man who won’t spend on much so the fact that he was buying a home security system was a surprise to us all. I wanted a new alarm as well and with LiveWatch I made it happen.

  9. We use LiveWatch for our family body shop. It is on a large property surrounded by a fence and the motion sensors work perfectly for our needs. This is a good home security system for a small business.

  10. The directions for Livewatch are so easy to follow. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered Livewatch but this home security system is an awesome way to protect yourself without denting your bank account.

  11. User-friendly is the best way to describe Livewatch. I’ve wanted a home security system with a camera for ages but I always thought it’d be way out of my budget. Livewatch is affordable and it is so easy to install! You will be amazed how fast you get this alarm in action. I like the cameras which provide you with excellent picture quality when checking the Livewatch app from your phone or tablet. No grainy picture here! It’s clear and lets you see what’s going on. I am glad we took the plunge when we did and our home feels safer.

  12. I love Livewatch because you aren’t limited to a certain setup. Livewatch lets you choose how many cameras and motion sensors you have, which is great for our home since we wanted our detached garage watched at all times too.

  13. I guess you can’t put a price on your family’s security, but hey, money doesn’t grow on trees! Livewatch lets you give quality security and protection to your family and still have money to save for a rainy day. Those high fees from the better-known home security system companies are ridiculous. When you break it down, Livewatch gives you so many perks you get from those companies without the high cost so I can’t imagine why anyone would knowingly choose to pay more. Do your homework and you’ll see how Livewatch compares to the big boys. You are getting the most for your money when you choose Livewatch.

  14. I was able to sync all of the motion sensors for my home security system within seconds. That’s how easy Livewatch is. I am so impressed with the customer service and the ease of using Livewatch every day.

  15. Livewatch was recommended to us by my son’s teacher who lives in our diminishing neighborhood. Livewatch is affordable and very easy to install, which is why we added one to our cottage three hours away.

  16. There are so many home security systems out there. When I started the research process I became dizzy because it felt like they were all the same. Livewatch stood out because of the low monthly fees and I like the fact that the cameras run on wifi. That is a plus for us because it means we can login and see our home at any time. We have retired and are traveling throughout the U.S. quite frequently. Livewatch lets us make sure our home is safe without dipping into our money saved for our golden years. Livewatch is a good buy for anyone of any age.

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