LifeShield Security

  • Price: $29.99 – $40.99 per month
  • Free Equipment and $49.99 Activation Fee
  • Offers Four layers of Back-Up Protection so the Alarm is Always Active
  • Home Monitoring with Smartphone

Lifeshield Security Reviews

Life Shield may not be the most well-known home security provider, but it offers many options in its three plans, allowing home owners to decide what is their best option. All three plans, the Value Plan, the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plus plan, include the option of wireless monitoring as well as 24/7 theft and burglary monitoring. Life Shield does not charge for the equipment needed to protect your home and only charges $49.99 for activation.

Medical monitoring is a free part of every package Life Shield offers. In addition to a standard panic button on the control panel, Life Shield offers a portable panic button and also provides a virtual button via their mobile access and app. Unlike many home security companies, there is no extra charge for this equipment or service.

Back-up Protection

Many alarm companies allow you to use broadband Internet to monitor your home and may provide for a back-up of a cellular connection or a landline, but few permit multiple back-ups. Life Shield provides four layers of back-up to ensure protection no matter the circumstance. By using the internet, cellular backup, a landline and a battery back-up system, it creates the most comprehensive protection available to homeowners. Your connection with Life Shield’s monitoring service can remain in tact, even when the power is out or a criminal attempts to override the alarm by cutting wires.

The Value Package

The most basic option from Life Shield is the Value Package and will cost you $29.99 a month. This package includes basic 24/7 monitoring of your home using a remote and interactive system. Also included is one keychain, which provides you the ability to activate and deactivate the alarm from your driveway or garage.

The Gold Package

All of the items included in the Value Package are included in the Gold Package for the cost of $35.99 monthly. In addition to the theft and health monitoring, the middle package also encompasses fire protection that is different than many companies. Life Shield provides homeowners with a fire safety sensor, placed on the ceiling or a wall, and when an alarm is sounded (from a fire), the sensor notifies Life Shield. They also offers a Carbon Monoxide Safety Sensor, alerting homeowners to the presence of CO, the silent killer. The Gold Package also includes a pet-smart motion detector.

The Platinum Plus Package

The Platinum Plus Package is $40.99 per month, includes everything listed above and fulfills its name by including video access as well. An indoor video camera is included in the Platinum Plus package, allowing for the monitoring of your home via live streaming video available on the internet or the app on your smartphone.

Final Summary

Life Shield offers a few options that are uncommon in the realm of home security systems. All three packages include all necessary equipment at no extra charge and an activation fee of $49.99. The online and smart phone accessibility of Life Shield at no extra charge is a positive that most homeowners really value.


44 comments on “LifeShield Security

  1. Lifeshield is what they have at a small private school my youngest two kids attend. When speaking with the president of the school, I found out it’s also what he has at two businesses and his own home. This home security system can handle all of that!

  2. We read about Lifeshield online when doing our homework for a home security system. I wanted something that was more cost effective than the previous home security system we owned, which was good, but didn’t really do everything we needed it to. The old system didn’t have the wifi cameras either, which are a very nice feature from Lifeshield. Here you get the extras you’d actually use without all of the junk you probably wouldn’t. I know for myself, the app from Lifeshield makes life easier because I can check on the house without going through a browser. That’s a time saver!

  3. I saw Lifeshield mentioned online in a blog review comparing various home security systems and decided to try it out. Lifeshield is a great product and their customer service is superb. Everyone needs this if they want to be safe.

  4. Our home was burglarized a week ago and now here I am writing a review for Lifeshield. I wish we bought Lifeshield sooner because it is a great line of defense to keep your home safe. The alarm is loud as can be, so you can quickly react and protect yourself.

  5. No security system is 100% safe, but everything with Lifeshield lets me know we’re doing all we can to help ourselves. I love that Lifeshield lets me buy extra things like motion detectors and cameras if I need them. You can always expand the coverage after you see what you really need.

  6. When I was growing up, no one had a home security system. It wasn’t until a friend of mine lost a lot of valuables that I decided to buy one. I chose to go with Lifesheild security, and I am so glad I did.

  7. I once thought a Lifesheild home security system was too expensive – it was just another monthly bill I didn’t think I needed. Once I realized how much it saved me on my home owner’s insurance, it was worth it!

  8. I live in a pretty decent neighborhood as far as crime is concerned. When my neighbor’s home got broken into, but mine didn’t, I knew it was because of the Lifesheild security system I have installed. Now, everyone on the block has a system. You can never be too safe these days. Break ins happen all the time, and can happen whether you are at home or not. I recommend Lifesheild to everyone I know because it’s just an investment you can’t afford to skip. My neighbor lost many valuable, irreplaceable, sentimental items. Though police were able to recover some of them, she lost quite a bit. I did not want that to be me.

  9. I am enjoying the security of the Lifeshield security system. Home security systems aren’t hard to come by, but those you can rely on are difficult to find. I didn’t know who to trust. Lifeshield is as reliable as the reviews say and the people are nice!

  10. I love my Lifeshield alarm! I know it will sound like crazy if someone goes pass either of the motion sensors set up in our home. I think Lifeshield is a reliable system and it is very reasonable to pay for too.

  11. There are so many alarm companies to choose from but Lifeshield security had an overwhelmingly positive review on a building site I visit frequently. I called and Lifeshield security really was as nice as the review made them out to be and came to look at our house within two days.

  12. OK if you are thinking of those clunky alarms from decades ago, Lifeshield security is not that! The device blends into my house seamlessly and I love that I can watch the entry points from my computer. That makes me feel safe.

  13. Using Lifeshield security for a year, I had to take the time to write a review. My mother uses Lifeshield security and because of them we had an emergency worker at our home within minutes of mom’s rough fall down the stairs. This is home security that works.

  14. We’ve had Lifeshield security installed for three months so it’s a good time to make a review and I can honestly say I feel it’s a solid system for protecting our home. It’s zero hassle and even our 10 year old knows how to set the alarm.

  15. Lifeshield security is a smart way to spend your money if you want an alarm. Home security systems can be overpriced these days and with Lifeshield security you get legit features like wireless cameras and motion sensors without paying too much.

  16. I was surprised to see Lifeshield security was such an affordable price. Scouring the Internet for the best deals for home security systems, Lifeshield security really gets the job done without overspending. I have been impressed with the level of service too.

  17. OK if you are thinking of those clunky alarms from decades ago, Lifeshield security is not that! The device blends into my house seamlessly and I love that I can watch the entry points from my computer. That makes me feel safe.

  18. We were thrilled to get a Lifeshield security home security system. After my partner did a lot of research online we decided to go with Lifeshield security and I am very glad we did. They have been amazing with customer support. I had an issue with the alarm during the first week, but they made sure I understood how to troubleshoot it right away. Overall it’s been a super experience with them and I’d highly recommend Lifeshield security to anyone who needs an alarm system. They got the system installed in a few hours and we have not had any issues with it. Plus, we feel safe in our home, that’s the most important thing.

  19. Talk about working fast! Lifeshield security assessed our home and had our snazzy new alarm system installed the next day. I thought it would be a long process but it was fuss-free from our end and the tech was very nice and knowledgeable.

  20. There are so many alarm companies to choose from but Lifeshield security had an overwhelmingly positive review on a building site I visit frequently. I called and Lifeshield security really was as nice as the review made them out to be and came to look at our house within two days.

  21. I shudder to think what would happen if my house was broken into. It’s not only my possessions that I’m worried about being taken, but I’m more worried about my family being hurt. So, in order to guarantee our safety, I have my house protected with a home security system from Lifeshield Security.

  22. A friend of mine was recently the victim of a robbery. Of course, the first thing she did was have a security system installed. She used Lifeshield Security, and now she no longer has to worry. Their service is so excellent that I actually had one installed, too – and I am so super happy!

  23. Lifeshield’s home security system runs very smoothly and efficiently. We’ve been using them for years, and have never had a single problem. I feel so much safer knowing that Lifeshield is invested in our safety.

  24. We needed a home security system after our neighbors got burglarized last year. We called Lifeshield, and they gave us the peace of mind knowing that what happened to our neighbors won’t happen to us.

  25. Our previous home was robbed; we knew we needed a home security service when we bought our new home. Because we have Lifeshield, we know that we’ll never have to go through that ordeal again.

  26. The peace of mind that Lifeshield’s home security service provides is worth the price, and then some. I can’t imagine turning to anyone other than Lifeshield to make sure my home is safe and sound.

  27. I’m so happy that I have Lifeshield! They’ve done wonders for making my home feel safe and secure. Because of Lifeshield, I don’t ever worry about my home being in danger. That’s a huge relief!

  28. What good is a home security system you can’t trust? Because I have Lifeshield, I don’t know the answer to that. I have nothing but trust for LifeShield, and that gives me peace of mind.

  29. If you’re looking for a robust security system for your home, we recommend LifeShield. We feel much safer at night knowing that our home security system is working. While we’re asleep, we don’t have to worry about break-ins.

  30. I’m always on the lookout for things that will keep my kids safe. To me, this means making sure our home is burglar proof. And there’s no doubt that our house is thanks to LifeShield. They treat their customers like royalty, which is something you need to do when you’re talking about protecting property. They also know that the service they provide is a very important one, and they treat it appropriately (this is not always the case with home security companies). I know that if something bad would happen, LifeShield would be right there to keep us from danger.

  31. It seems as though the crime rate has gone down in our neighborhood ever since many of the homeowners have invested in various home security systems. I am so glad that I have tried LifeShield.

  32. I ordered 3 home security systems from LifeShield for three separate homes. I have three rental homes that I rent out to and I needed to make sure that the homes were kept safe. I found out about LifeShield online and they had a lot of good testimonials. I decided to give them a try. The one thing that made me decide to choose them is their customer service department. The woman that I spoke too was so friendly and informative. She answered all of my questions concerning their home security system. Another reason that helped me in deciding whether to use them is that they offered me a great price. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to get three alarms installed in three of my homes. I took full advantage of the offer while it lasts. I recommend anyone who wants to keep their home safe to give LifeShield a try. They will not only protect your valuable belongings within your home, this home security system will also protect you, your family members and pets. If you want to ensure that your home is safe, I would give LifeShield a try. They are well worth the investment! LifeShield is considered the best!

  33. I recently built a home office in my home. I have a lot of expensive computers and other office equipment. I needed to finally get a good security system to help keep my home and belongings safe.

  34. I had a choice, either to get a guard dog or an alarm system. I chose to get an alarm system. Lifeshield has a state-of-the-art alarm system that helps in keeping our house safe from robbers.

  35. I convinced my elderly neighbor to get a new security system installed in her home. I recommended that she try Lifeshield for her home security system. I had Lifeshield installed for my home and it has worked out very well for me. My neighbor is also very happy with her new alarm system. One thing that she likes about it is that it is very user-friendly. She’s an older woman and is not into high-tech gadgets. This system is so easy to use that anyone can use it, even if they are not the most technical savvy person. In addition, my neighbor feels a lot safer with her new security system. Before the system, my husband and I would have to check on her all throughout the night. She would sometimes stay at her sisters home all the way in Florida because she feared getting robbed. With her new security system, she feels more confident when she leaves her home and during the night time when she’s all alone. I highly recommend that anyone that is elderly to use Lifeshield. Lifeshield is so much easier to use. I am so happy that I found out about Lifeshield when I did. I am so thankful to have such a reliable system.

  36. When my car got stolen in my driveway, that’s when I decided to get a home security system. I didn’t want to experience having a break-in. My home is safe and secure to live in. I’m grateful for lifeshield security.

  37. If you were to ask me what home security system is one that you can trust at an affordable price, I would have to say Lifeshield Security all the way. There is no better choice when it comes to home security.

  38. I don’t normally post up reviews on products or services that I use, but Lifeshield blew me away. They have great customer service — better than Starbucks! — and an awesome alarm system that is more than easy to set up. I couldn’t believe how simple and fast installation really is, eve a monkey could do it. Plus, now that I’m with Lifeshield Security, I can stay connected to my home even when I’m gone thanks to the apps that they offer. Honestly, what more could you want out of home security systems? I am 100% satisfied with Lifeshield and I’m sure you will be too.

  39. I know there are a lot of other systems out there but Lifeshield seems to be the most flexible and has the most features which is why I bought it. I am glad I found this website because it helped me compare the various providers. Lifeshield Security got my business and I am happy with my decision.

  40. It is so overwhelming to look for a good home security company. So many of them just want to take your money and not actually protect you. Well, not lifeshield security. They stand behind their company and make sure that you and your family are protected 24/7 no matter what the circumstances.

  41. I’ve had a few different home security companies in my lifetime and lifeshield security is by far the very best. They have great rates, excellent customer service, and provide unbeatable protection. I feel extremely confident in knowing that my home will be properly protected because of the services that I have purchased with lifeshield security.

  42. Protection and security don’t get better than lifeshield. When I signed up for lifeshield, I was actually questionable because I’d never used a home security system before. But when I was recommended this company from a trusted neighbor down the street, I knew I had to try them – and I’m sure glad I did. With products that let you check out your home even when you’re gone, and a grade A alarm system, who could turn lifeshield down? The best part about it all is that they provide security that can’t be beat by other security companies, all for a price that can’t be matched. With lifeshield my family is always protected. And I can help protect them with a service that won’t break my budget or empty my bank account. For unbeatable protection and security, you should check out lifeshield security. Lifeshield is the ultimate in security system companies.

  43. I would recommend lifeshield to all of my friends and family. I want to make sure that my children and wife are safe when I am away on business and that is why I have chosen lifeshield for our home security system. They are extremely professional, very affordable, and have a great reputation.

  44. If you wait to buy a security system like I did, you may suffer the same ordeal I just went through. My house got robbed and the thieves destroyed half my house. Graffiti on my walls, valuables stolen, and they even went to the bathroom all over my floors. The police have done nothing for me. Needless to say I learned my lesson the hard way and bought a security system. After doing a lot of research, I went with Lifeshield because of their do it yourself installation and their risk free trial. I am very paranoid about having installation people come into my house, so I really like do it yourself systems. It was so easy to setup that a child could do it. I sleep safer now.

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