Frontpoint Security

  • Price: $34.99 – $49.99 per month
  • Easy Do It Yourself Installation
  • Cellular technology burglars can’t cut to disconnect the system
  • Remote access available through phone
  • Call for Free Quote: (855) 873-5593

Frontpoint Security Reviews

Frontpoint provides home security with three different types of packages offered to home owners. The three different packages are the Protection Plan, the Interactive Plan, and the Ultimate plan. A unique aspect of Frontpoint is its equipment. If any tampering occurs, Frontpoint’s Control Panel automatically alerts the Monitoring Center that something is happening and unless they receive an all clear response from the owner, help will be dispatched automatically.

Cellular Technology

Frontpoint’s plans are all 100% cellular and this means that they will never be dependent on a landline. They provides security against home intrusions, monitor against fires, environmental changes, life safety, and monitor the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 100% cellular feature is almost 100 % burglar proof. Because fires can start when no one is home, a quick response from the fire department is crucial in saving lives and property and the Cellular capability has the advantage over a land line in this scenario. With Frontpoint systems, help can be sent quickly.

The Protection Plan

Frontpoint’s most basic plan is called Protection Monitoring. It is priced at $34.99 per month. This plan guards against burglaries, and monitors for environmental factors that may harm you or your family. It checks for excessive amounts of Carbon Monoxide being released into the air. It also monitors the temperature in the home, so that potential disasters such as water pipes freezing and bursting due to excessive cold air can be avoided. With around the clock monitoring,

Life Safety is another feature of the Protection Plan. It provides a means to obtain assistance at the touch of a button in the event of a life threatening emergency such as a heart attack or stroke.

The Interactive Plan

The Interactive Monitoring package is the middle option and is priced at $42.99 per month. This plan includes everything that is found in the Protection Monitoring plan, plus it allows the homeowner to interactively monitor and control the security system remotely through the use of mobile apps on your cellular devices like your iphone or ipad. You are also provided a remote control. The capabilities of the Interactive Monitoring Package allows you to receive security alerts via email or telephone, and text, letting you know if any alarms are triggered inside the house. Another excellent feature of this plan is the capability to automate the lighting in the home while you are away.

The Ultimate Plan

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Monitoring package is $49.99 per month and includes everything listed above but also takes protection to the next level with video surveillance. This enables you to visually monitor your home through live streaming video that can be watched on your mobile phone or computer.

Final Review of Frontpoint

When choosing an alarm company, most people will seek to make sure that the features they require are provided to them at a reasonable cost. With FronPoint’s Protection, Interactive and Ultimate Plans, flexibility exists to select the plan that is right for you.


81 comments on “Frontpoint Security

  1. When I moved to the city, my parents suggested I get a home security system to make sure I was safe. They worry. So, I called Frontpoint Security and they took great care of my needs. They explained the system, installed it, and showed me how to work it. Everything I needed handled easily.

  2. If you need a security system, then look no further than Frontpoint Security. Seriously, these guys are fantastic. I walked in with a need, and not only did they meet that need, they exceeded my expectations in terms of service. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I didn’t feel like I was a number, and it was very clear that everyone likes their jobs. It was great. The package I chose had some cool features that I will definitely use, and I don’t feel like I’m wasting money each month. You’d be hard pressed to find such great packages at a decent price with anyone else.

  3. I’m a collector of electronics and I wanted to make sure my things were protected. My insurance company would only cover them if I got a home security system installed, so I called Frontpoint Security. Everything was easy, and Frontpoint Security was reasonable priced. Plus, I got my insurance coverage. Win, win.

  4. Your home isn’t appropriately protected unless you are using Frontpoint. This is the new wave of home security systems and lets you watch your home in real time. The cameras offer fantastic picture quality where you can really see everything.

  5. There’s no way to know which home security system is best for you before you buy but Frontpoint really is top notch. I have used two other big name home security systems in the past and none compared to Frontpoint. This is a home security system that gives you the latest in home security technology for a low price you can’t beat. I have started recommending Frontpoint security to anyone I know who wants a good alarm with 24/7 customer service that knows how to treat people who have a question. I am really impressed with Frontpoint and will use them for years to come.

  6. We are very happy with Frontpoint. Using Frontpoint for almost two years, there have been zero glitches with this home security system or their app, which works like a breeze. Everyone needs this in my opinion.

  7. I am thrilled with Frontpoint. I recently retired, so I am cutting a lot of unnecessary expenses. I am not home a ton because of traveling, but I want my home protected and Frontpoint gets the job done.

  8. Our home security system was awful. Twice we’ve had accidental alerts and no one has come to check on the house nor has the security company bothered to call us! So we come home to a house with an alarm going haywire and get the text alert something is going down at the house when nothing has happened. It causes me to go into a state of panic that is totally unnecessary! Since we were long overdue for another home security system, I opted for Frontpoint. Based on the price and features it is just what we need to keep the house safe with customer service we can rely on!

  9. OK the alarm on this thing would scare Satan himself! It blasts so loud you can hear it at least four houses away. The folks at Frontpoint are awesome in terms of customer service and the wifi feature is a great addition.

  10. My kids play in the backyard which opens to a forested area. That’s why I wanted a home security system with cameras and Frontpoint Security does the job without making installation a big hassle.

  11. Oh home security systems how you’ve changed! That’s definitely a compliment! I remember the days when home security systems were a fortune and mostly people in ritzy suburban areas had them. Nowadays people like me living in an urban area in a new condo can have the same protection. There have been robberies in our building and trust me, it isn’t just poor areas that get robbed. Our crime rate is up and Frontpoint Security lets me have the protection I want for a decent price every month. I recommend Frontpoint Security to anyone who wants a better way to take care their home without a hardwired system.

  12. I am not one to call customer service lines because people are so difficult when you need their help. Frontpoint Security is the only CS who actually cares about customers and their home security systems are quite affordable for everyone.

  13. I don’t think protection for your family should cost a fortune. I was tired of paying so much for my alarm system and looked for a new option for a home security system. Frontpoint Security is a great choice for those who are watching their wallets.

  14. There’s way too many vandals and creepy people out in the world that it’s really quite necessary to protect yourself. I’m so glad that I had FrontPoint security system installed because now I know I’ll be safe and secure!

  15. I knew FrontPoint was recommended by a DIY tech blog which is what made me see what the company was all about. I was surprised to see videos of how easy it is to install this home security system. It is so convenient to have this as an option for those of us who are on a budget but still want protection for our home. This shouldn’t be major expense yet so many companies want to gouge you when it comes to home security. Don’t be a victim of those security companies either! Go the budget route with FrontPoint. Great customer service too!

  16. There recently was a series of break-ins around my neighborhood, which has made me quite uneasy. That’s why I installed FrontPoint security system. Now I feel completely safe and comfortable knowing it’s there to protect me.

  17. OK we were looking for a home security system that offered peace of mind and took care of all of the basic things we need from an alarm. Frontpoint doesn’t cost a ton of money and you can move it at your discretion. Always a win-win.

  18. I learned of Frontpoint from a radio host who was doing a show on home costs. The piece focused on the costs that come with owning a home and if you are a homeowner you know how expensive that can get. Everything costs something and a high-priced home security system is just another one of those expenses most us do not need in our lives. Because Frontpoint was recommended by a radio host I trust, I figured it was worth trying since I would like this level of protection for the house. Frontpoint arrived promptly and the installation process was simple. I was able to connect all three of the wifi cameras I ordered for the alarm system easily and I like that I can see what’s happening outside without going outside. That is a major perk for me since that means going all the way downstairs. With Frontpoint I can just log on with my iPad and see what’s happening without opening the door. When you live in a high crime area, this is the way to go. I have seen Frontpoint compared to other home alarms and it performs well against the competition especially when you consider the savings.

  19. The customer service from Frontpoint is amazing! I have had to call them three times in the past year for basic things and they have been prompt and polite every time. This home security systems works like a dream so don’t let the price scare you away.

  20. After almost two weeks of research I ordered Frontpoint. It arrived quickly and I finally had time to install it when I arrived back from Asia. I travel frequently for work and want the ability to see my house when I’m not here. Installation was simple enough and so was getting the cameras running. It is amazing that you can now watch your home in real time when across the ocean. It is awesome for those of us who spend a lot of time away from home and want a simple reminder our sacred space back home is safe. Definitely recommend!

  21. I was nervous ordering Frontpoint and having to install it on my own. I am in a new city with no family or friends (just co-workers!) and I wanted an alarm because it’s what I had at my old place. Frontpoint is so cool because you can take it with you when you move. I am at this rental for nine months, but it’s comforting to know I won’t have to buy a home security system all over again when I leave. As for installation, don’t fret! Even if this is your first time doing something like this, the directions are clear as can be!

  22. Frontpoint was purchased for our business a few months ago. We were not victims of a burglary yet, but other businesses in our area were hit. Some were robbed more than once. This is a home security system but works well for a small business and keeps us safe.

  23. I know Frontpoint is highly recommended by my father-in-law who works in home security systems for a living. This is a man who has been in the business for 30 years and has seen the major changes.

  24. I thought a home security system was over the top until my neighbor was robbed. I installed Frontpoint myself with no problems and it’s been all systems go ever since. I know I am doing the right thing and being proactive with Frontpoint.

  25. I must convey my love for your kind-heartedness in support of those individuals that really need assistance with this situation. Your personal commitment to passing the message around turned I called Frontpoint for troubleshooting and thought it would be a pain like it always is when you call customer support. On the contrary, Frontpoint really knows how to make you feel like a valued customer and I will stick with their home security system for years. But to be rather functional and have constantly permitted employees just like me to attain their targets. Your new useful help and advice can mean a whole lot to me and further more to my mates. With thanks; from everyone of us.

  26. I visit a home security message board that talks about the latest developments in home alarms and things of that nature. Frontpoint was mentioned time and time again, so when we wanted a new home security system, I knew where to turn. Frontpoint has been awesome since day one and their tech support is fantastic. I was home alone one day and ended up setting off the alarm, but the rep called and straightened out the ordeal with no problems. Crisis averted! I appreciate how nice they were when I called and I know I can call them if I have any questions.

  27. These days it seems it’s hard to stretch a dollar, but with Frontpoint you’re really getting a great bang for your buck. As far as home security systems go, I can tell you I have tried a lot of them but Frontpoint takes the cake with their stellar customer service. They will help you in any way they can.

  28. I never thought I’d need a home security system, but then someone broke into my garage and stole some expensive tools. I was scared. What if it’s my bedroom the next time? I feel much better with Frontpoint security monitoring my home.

  29. I have an expansive collection of coins worth thousands of dollars. Just because my insurance would reimburse me for the value of the collection should it be stolen, doesn’t mean I could replace everything in it. That’s why I have a home security system from Frontpoint. You can never be too safe, so when I noticed there were some break ins near my neighborhood, I didn’t want to chance that the thieves were scoping out my neighborhood to be the next hit. I’m glad I did it because my instinct was right. My neighborhood was targeted not too long after I had the system installed.

  30. I live in a great neighborhood, so I never expected my neighbors to have a breakin. After they were burglarized, I got smart and called Frontpoint. I’m sure glad I did. There have been more burglaries, but not at my house!

  31. We are really happy with Frontpoint Security. After eight months of use, we haven’t experienced a single false alarm or glitch. The one time we had to call Frontpoint the rep was a breeze to work with. Highly recommend.

  32. Good customer service goes a long way in this life and that’s why I have to tell everyone about Frontpoint. Things can go wrong with home security systems which is why you want to deal with a company with fantastic customer service and Frontpoint security is it. Good stuff all around.

  33. Another great review for the Frontpoint home security system. I think this has to be the best alarm system out there considering the price and the level of service that comes with it. I have called Frontpoint twice for issues and they are always very nice.

  34. We definitely wanted a home security system with wireless cameras because I want to watch my kids get home in the evening from their activities and sometimes I work until seven. The Frontpoint security is brilliant because you can really customize the system for your home.

  35. Living alone I do get worried about my safety. While nothing bad has happened in my housing complex, I thought an alarm would be a good idea since sometimes I come from work late. FrontPoint was great about explaining what I could have and how much I could expect to pay.

  36. It’s a breath of fresh air to feel confident in how safe your home is. Our car was broken into three months ago and we recently had FrontPoint installed. Awesome company with plenty of solid reviews to back it up.

  37. I was very impressed with our FrontPoint security home security system. I have never had an alarm but I love that FrontPoint security lets me see what’s happening on different areas of the home at all times. It’s a fantastic system that makes us feel secure.

  38. We are working with a contractor to develop our new home. It is a big house and because of the multiple points of entry, the contractor wants us to get an alarm system. FrontPoint security was the first company I called and I loved that they sent me several different options for our home. It is a unique layout which means our home needs extra coverage but the price for FrontPoint security is still very affordable. I am so glad our new home will have an alarm since we are investing a lot of money – we don’t want anyone intruding and ruining it!

  39. If you’ve never had a home alarm, you are going to adore FrontPoint security. If you have, get ready because FrontPoint security is a totally different home security system that gives you a custom experience. I have tested the alarm out and it works very well.

  40. There are so many options with FrontPoint security. I love that! I can change the delay for the motion sensors and that is great depending on if I have the kids with me or not. I like feeling in control of our home’s safety.

  41. Here’s another positive review for the Frontpoint home security systems. I have to say that I did not think any alarm could make a difference but when a thief tried to get in through our garage, the alarm went off and sent him away in seconds!

  42. We are using Frontpoint for our business. Home security systems get expensive but Frontpoint lets us add wireless cameras since we are working in a large area. I love this company! The service is reliable and setting it up is very easy.

  43. You will not find a better deal for home security systems than Frontpoint. These people know how to offer a quality product without gouging you like a lot of the other alarms out there.

  44. My father lives alone. We are not so worried about burglars but about alerting EMS if he is ill or falls. That’s why we opted for FrontPoint Security and they have been great to us. Dad can easily operate the system on his own.

  45. There are two types of home alarms: those that work and those that don’t. We’ve had experience with the latter and wanted to switch companies. FrontPoint Security was recommended by a co-worker and has worked out well. No more worrying that the alarm has a glitch.

  46. I was amazed at how polite and helpful everyone was when I contacted FrontPoint Security. I had several questions since I already had a home security system but was not satisfied with it. I knew FrontPoint Security had many options based on the plans they created for my sister’s home and I wanted something different that made me feel safe. We have a strange entrance between the house and garage that FrontPoint Security was able to secure with no problem so I know no one can get in, even though it’s a vulnerable area. I feel much safer since installing the alarm system.

  47. I live in a condo and wanted an alarm since the development doesn’t provide one. FrontPoint Security were in and out in a few hours and I actually had them scheduled the day of my housewarming party which was probably poor planning but they delivered!

  48. Living alone I do get worried about my safety. While nothing bad has happened in my housing complex, I thought an alarm would be a good idea since sometimes I come from work late. FrontPoint Security was great about explaining what I could have and how much I could expect to pay.

  49. I am really happy with our home security system. FrontPoint Security has been fantastic to us and the prices are very reasonable. I like that FrontPoint Security hears you out on what your primary concerns are for your home’s safety, then they come through with a plan that fits your needs. As elderly people we are on a limited budget and FrontPoint Security understands this and their rates are good for anyone who is on a budget. I love that the system is very easy to work too, even if you are not very good with computers or other technical things. FrontPoint Security makes us feel safe!

  50. I have worked in the security industry for the last 13 years. I provide security for games and events at our local arena. However, despite my training and experience with protecting the general public, I feel like I still need to provide extra safety for my family. That is why I have a security system from FrontPoint in our home. While I certainly do have the know-how to handle an issue, should one arise, I like the feeling of knowing that I am backed up by a group of other professionals. Our security is the most important thing to me, which is why I trust FrontPoint.

  51. My old home security system provider was really cold and uncaring. I never really felt like we were very safe, and I didn’t feel like our safety was a big concern of theirs. So, when my brother suggested I try FrontPoint, I did. Since switching, I am happier and feel safer than ever!

  52. My husband has a fantastic job that pays a great salary, which we truly are very grateful for. However, along with that fantastic job and great salary comes a lot of traveling and being away from home. He works super long hours and sometimes doesn’t get in until after 10:00! And, when he isn’t in his home office, he is called away to other offices around the country to tend to business. All of these long hours and travel means that me and the kids are left alone quite a bit. I’m not going to lie; it does make me feel a little on edge when he is away. I explained my concern to him, and he totally understood. So, he arranged to have a security system from FrontPoint installed in our home. The service that FrontPoint is really superior. They have the most advanced technology and thanks to their watchful eye, I know that the kids and I are really well protected, even when my husband isn’t home. Heck, we even feel more protected when he is home. If you are interested in feeling as safe and sound as possible, you are going to want to have a security system from FrontPoint installed.

  53. FrontPoint services are terrific! We’ve had a couple of “false alarms;” each time the security guys got to our home super fast. We know that if the real thing happens, we’ll be in good hands.

  54. We’re in a neighborhood that had a bunch of burglaries last year, including both our neighbors’ homes. Having FrontPoint home security was the biggest reason that we didn’t get hit. We’re thankful for their service.

  55. Normally, I don’t do these kinds of endorsements, but I feel like I have to give a shout-out to FrontPoint and their awesome service! I’ve been using their home security system for quite some time now, and they have been nothing short of amazing to me since day one. The biggest reason that I like FrontPoint as much as I do is because they care about protecting me. When they installed my home security system, they made absolutely sure I was comfortable with how everything worked. Whenever I’ve had to talk to one of their customer service reps, they’ve been nothing but warm and kind to me. You know how you can tell by hearing if someone is engaged in the conversation by hearing their voice? Well, I’ve never had an instance where the person I’m talking to over at FrontPoint didn’t sound like they were engaged in talking to me. In other words, they treat me with integrity, honesty, and respect. I don’t know about you, but I think those are three pretty important qualities to have in a home security company. That’s definitely the main reason I’ll be a customer of FrontPoint for the rest of my life.

  56. I used to get so nervous about being away from our home for longer than a couple days. However, since I’ve started using Frontpoint security’s services, my anxiety level has dropped way down! Their home security system is absolutely flawless. I have trouble turning on my laptop, but I can manage Frontpoint security’s security system with ease. Plus, their customer service team truly cares about the well-being of their customers. They make me feel that I’m being watched out for, let alone the system. If you’re nervous about your home being safe, you really should look into these guys. They’re the best!

  57. The thing that I love about Frontpoint security is their home security system. No fuss, no muss. It’s clear to me that Frontpoint security took a good deal of time crafting a system that runs so efficiently.

  58. I’ve been with Frontpoint security for five years, and I have no intention of ever leaving them. They are experts at what they do, and that expertise translates into making me and my home feel safe.

  59. To me the most important thing you can look for in a home security company is competence. That should be a no-brainer. However, based on my past experiences, it’s not. So that’s why I am such a huge fan of Frontpoint security. They understand that they aren’t just providing a service. They are providing protection, safety, and peace of mind. That’s huge. The way Frontpoint security is able to do this is because their staff knows their product so intimately. So much so, I have no doubt that they know exactly what’s at stake if they make an error in judgment. I’m also convinced that they know how a poor attitude would affect the mood of their clients. I know if they weren’t as friendly and kind as they were, I wouldn’t feel nearly as good about their ability to protect me. Whoever is training their staff is doing a tremendous job, because their competence in product knowledge and customer relations goes a heck of a long way. Like I said, this trait isn’t as common in the home security game as one may hope; the fact that Frontpoint security has this trait so strongly is going to make me a lifelong customer.

  60. The home security service FrontPoint provides me works so well because they provide peace of mind above all else. To me, that is really the service that a company like FrontPoint sells. They can have the most technologically advanced system around, but what good is it if it doesn’t make you feel safe? That’s why FrontPoint excels like it does. Their excellent service leaves you no doubt that you are in good hands. I’ve been using FrontPoint for a couple years now; last year, our block had four break-ins. Some pretty major stuff was stolen, too. However, as that was going on, not once did I fear that my house would be hit. Even if someone tried to break into my house, I know that FrontPoint’s service is so stellar, that person would never stand a chance to get further than the front door. That is exactly the kind of confidence a home security company should give you at the end of the day. And if that isn’t the perfect definition of peace of mind, then I don’t know what is. If you’re in the market for a home security service that you can trust, give these guys a call.

  61. I do a lot of traveling for my job, so home security is very important to me. Thankfully, I know that my house is secure because of FrontPoint. Every aspect of their service is exceptional.

  62. When my husband and I moved into our home, one of the first things we did was sign up with FrontPoint. If you’re a homeowner, you know there’s a ton of people that you have to deal with when you first move into a new place. The people at FrontPoint were far and away the nicest people that we dealt with. They are all very professional, they know their product inside and out, and they went out of their way to make sure that we knew everything that we needed to know. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FrontPoint to anyone.

  63. I had two TVs, one camera and a Smartphone stolen during a break-in within my home. I was warned by family and friends that I should consider getting a home security system. I put off getting a new alarm system installed for so long. I was finally convinced after a neighbor across the street from where I live experienced a robbery. However, I waited too long to get it installed and I experienced the same fate. Today, I have a security system installed in my home. I feel so much safer than I did when my home was broken into.

  64. Having a security system in your home is not a luxury. I have learned that it is a necessity. I am so grateful for finding a company like FrontPoint to help protect my home all throughout the day and night. Prior to getting my alarm system installed, I used to live in fear. I even considered getting a gun at one time. Then one day I decided to take the bull by the horns and order a security system through FrontPoint. I like the fact that people who approach my home immediately know that I have a security system installed. This is a great criminal repellant!

  65. I decided to get a home security system by FrontPoint when I noticed a strange man wandering around our block. I asked my neighbors if they knew this was going on and decided to call the police. The police were not able to do anything with the man because he technically was not committing a crime. You can’t have someone arrested for just walking down your block. Now that I have my new security system installed, I feel so much safer. I no longer have to worry if anyone is going to break into my house. For one, my security alarm is extremely loud. My security system is also from a trusted home security company. I don’t know what I would do if I didn;t have FrontPoint home security system installed in my house. FrontPoint is also very easy to use. I’m not computer savvy, but with this system, all I have to do is turn it on and punch in a few buttons and I’m good to go. I recommend using FrontPoint for any home owner who wants to protect their home from robbers and burglars. They also have a very friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. They are available 24/7.

  66. I thought by getting a new security system that it would be hard to use. FrontPoint Security makes it so easy to use. I don’t have to keep looking at a manual to figure out how to use it. I just press a couple of buttons and the system is on.

  67. FrontPoint Security has innovative home security technology. I choose FrontPoint Security not only because they offer the best rates in town, they also have state-of-the-art technology. You can rest assured that your home or townhouse will be safe with their home security system. FrontPoint Security was my first choice in home security. I am so glad that I choose them as my security service. Their equipment is easy to install and it is very easy to use. Plus, whenever someone tries to rob the house, they are notified and the police are notified right away. I like the fact that I have a reliable security system installed in my home.

  68. A couple of years ago, someone broke into my home and stole an expensive family heirloom from my livingroom. I was grateful that I had insurance on it, but I felt frightened that someone actually broke into my house. That’s when I decided to get an alarm system installed in my home. Frontpoint is a state-of-the-art alarm system that has been protecting my home for some time now. I am so glad that I choose them to secure my most valuable possession – my home. Frontpoint is a wise choice when it comes to choosing a home security system to protecting your home.

  69. I’ve learned from experience that you should never choose a company based on price. There are three reasons why I choose Frontpoint: security, security and security. You have to ask yourself three important questions. Does the company provide a money back guarantee for the home security system that you are considering? If not, does it at least offer a warranty for equipment if it breaks down? If not, choose another alarm company. The second questions that you should ask yourself when choosing an alarm system is whether or not the company charges for the home security system equipment? Does it include any kind of sensors? Do they charge you for installation separately? Remember, every company is different. Also, it is important to find out if the alarm company provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week, live home security monitoring service that will quickly contact the police if there is a break-in. These are important questions to consider when it comes to finding an alarm system. Frontpoint is a great home security system to get installed in your home. They offer so much more than affordable prices. What it all boils down to …they offer some of the best services available in the industry.

  70. I finally decided to get a home security system from Frontpoint security when I noticed a couple of people driving up and down our street at night. They would stop and sit in their car. I am glad that I have a security system.

  71. Our neighborhood experienced three break-ins in a two week period. When the second break-in took place, I realized that it was time to start thinking about getting an alarm system installed. So, I called Frontpoint and they offered me a great deal on getting my new home security system installed. Their system is high-tech yet very easy to use. I feel so much safer knowing that I have a reliable home security system installed. If you need to have a home security system installed in your home, I recommend using Frontpoint security. There guarantee quality service. Most of all, they guarantee security.

  72. My family and I turned to FrontPoint Security last year after a robber broke in. It was one of the scariest things to ever happen to us. Luckily no one was hurt, and the thief was caught. But unfortunately as we look back on that moment today, my husband and I realize that we had simply waited for so long until something bad actually happened before we sought real security. Now, we feel safe in our home thanks to FrontPoint Security. FrontPoint is the reason why our home is secure and protected today and why our family feels safe in our home now.

  73. Frontpoint was recommended to me by a buddy at work last year. I actually didn’t really know if home security systems were my thing, but there is so much bad stuff on the news these days that I decided to give it a try. Frontpoint Security is my top pick as far as home alarms go.

  74. There have been a lot of robberies in my neighborhood probably because of the recession. I do not want to be a victim so I bought a Front Point Security system. I’m glad I did.

  75. Ever since my husband and I signed up with frontpoint, we have never felt safer. With our dog Lucky, we are a small family. But we feel as if we deserve the best protection out there as well. That’s why we looked into home security companies. We didn’t really know how to turn to, until one of our friends ended up recommending frontpoint security. When we realized everything that frontpoint security could do for us, all for a cost that fell into our price range, we just couldn’t say no. Ever since frontpoint we haven’t been safer or happier. We know our home is secure. Even better is that our house is protected even when we’re gone. If you feel as if you need to step up the security of your home and get an alarm system or sign up with a home security company, I highly recommend looking into frontpoint security.

  76. How many home security companies do you know that really make you feel like you are part of their family? Not many, I’m sure. frontpoint definitely makes you feel like you are part of their family because they want to make sure that you are always safe in your own home and will go the extra mile to protect your family.

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