Robin Williams found dead from Asphyxiation

Robbin Williams AsphyxiationWe are sad to bring the news that the beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was pronounced dead at the young age of 63.  His body was found in his Northern California home.  It is reported that Williams has recently been dealing with sever depression; which may explain the apparent cause of his death which was suicide by asphyxiation.  We are all praying for Robin’s family in this time of crisis.

Asphyxiation is no laughing matter.  It is defined as a sever lack of oxygen available to the body.  While asphyxiation is a common method of suicide, it is much more deadly when associated with Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home.  Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer, because it is odorless and tasteless, and slowly but surely depletes the oxygen available for families to breath.  Entire families can be killed due to Carbon Monoxide in the home.  This is why Carbon Monoxide detectors as a component of a best home security system is paramount to avoiding death by asphyxiation.  You can read more about Robert William’s apparent suicide here, and learn about how to avoid death by asphyxiation in the home by reading about the best home security systems here.

Today we learned more about our story, Robin Williams found dead from Asphyxiation. It was confirmed by the County Coroner that Robin’s death was indeed a suicide. He hung himself with a belt. People were quite bothered by the details as they were revealed by the coroner, but its it the coroner’s responsibility to report on the truth.