Home Security Tips For Seniors

Home Security Systems SeniorsAs a senior, it is difficult to complete daily tasks and live on your own. Seniors are the target of burglaries and very harmful mishaps. Below are some tips to keep seniors who want to live independently, safe if in their own homes.

Install Security Lighting

A lighted house will most likely deter intruders from coming into your house. Install security lighting at the entrances, back door, and garage doors. You even have the option of putting in automatic lighting, that way the lights will turn on when someone steps in the general direction. You can also put them on an automatic timer, so they will turn on as soon as it gets dark.

Install Superior Locks On The Door And Windows

Always keep the windows and doors locked, even if you know you will be away from your home for ten minutes. Research to see what the strongest locks are. A secure home will scare away burglars. All doors including the basement and back door should be replaced with wood doors. Glass doors can be broken easily and quickly, so if you are not willing to switch to wood then you should think about covering it with security film or Plexiglass. These materials are definitely not easy to break. In case of a medical emergency or if you simply forgot your keys, give a set to someone trustworthy like a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Purchase A Security Alarm System

There is a plethora of security systems out there. You have the option of paying the least amount of money possible, or choosing a security with many additions. With a push of a button, the ambulance can be right at your door to help your senior with their situation. There are many different routes that you choose considering technology has gotten very advanced. You even have the option of using video monitoring device. The footage can be sent to your desktop, DVR, or even personal cell phone. Video footage can also be useful to people who have senior family members. This will allow them to keep an eye on them, while also giving their necessary space to be independent. It definitely gives a certain level of comfort that they are capable of living alone.

Install A Viewer Window

It is always comforting to know who is at the door. Make sure that there is a peephole at the front door or even a door entry phone to take to guests.

Ask For Help

If you are a senior and want to live independently, it is completely legitimate to ask for help. Ask to have help with your chores such as mowing the lawn or washing the windows. Any chore at the front of the house. Intruders will not try to break into houses with a lot of visitors.

There are many home security systems that will keep your independent senior family member safe and sound in their own homes.

Benefits of a Home Security System

Deter Crime

Home Security Systems BenefitsStudies have shown home security systems deter crime. Studies tracking crime statistics reported by police departments indicate a steady decline in crime in areas where a large number of registered home security systems are. Home security systems benefit the individual homeowner as well as the neighborhood in general. Neighborhoods with a higher concentration of home security systems experience fewer reported crime incidents than neighborhoods where fewer systems are installed.

Stop Burglars

Usually burglars will skip over homes where they know home security systems are installed. However, this does not necessarily completely stop the burglar. If the burglar is brave enough to work his way into your home despite the security system, he will likely take less of your property simply because he knows there is a limited amount of time before the police will arrive. In most cases though, burglars will move on to the next home available without a security system installed.

Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Homeowner’s insurance is always required by your lender for the duration of the loan. The premium is typically worked into your mortgage payment to ensure it is always paid. Insurance companies will provide lower rates to homes that have the best home security systems installed just because they are statistically less likely to be broken into. If your security system also has fire protection, this dramatically reduces the chance of the home becoming a total loss as a result of fire which is also a good thing for the insurance company. Since the home is much less of a liability for the insurance company, they are willing to pass the savings on to you.

Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts, so it is a good idea to shop around to see which one will give you the best discount. If you have auto insurance with one company, consider bundling your homeowner’s insurance with them as well because you may qualify for a multi-policy discount further offsetting the cost of the home security system. The discount is usually enough to reduce the cost of system installation and monthly monitoring fees.

Increase Your Home’s Value

If you plan on selling your home at some point in the future, having a home security system installed is an amenity that can add value to your home when you put it on the market. While the new homeowners always have the option to discontinue using the service, or to replace it with a home security system offered by another company, it is an attractive amenity for many home buyers. Talk to a realtor to learn more about how a home security system can positively affect your home’s value.

Quick Call for Help

Emergency medical help can be accessed with just a press of a button on your home security system’s keypad. if something happens to you, all you have to do is press the button and help will be dispatched to your address without the need to call 911. This is helpful for many people, but it may not be the best option if something happens and you are not close to the keypad.

Home Security Camera Benefits Explored

Security to Keep You Safe

Security Camera Benefits

It may seem to you that security cameras are an unnecessary extra layer†if you already have a home security system installed. Sometimes intruders can get past security systems. In the event of someone breaking in and deactivating an alarm, security cameras would be helpful to have. Security cameras can assist in seeing who is at your door. They can also serve as a means of checking up on kids and pets when necessary.

What Do Security Cameras Provide?

A security camera can provide many things to its owner, most importantly confidence and safety. Security cameras can catch intruders immediately. Other times police reports and investigations will take more time to find an offender. Burglars aren’t the only ones security cameras look out for. UPS thieves can also be caught taking items that are to be delivered. Security cameras can assist in tracking down the thief and having your item returned.

Instant and Aftermath Notification

Security cameras operate differently depending on the models and companies providing them. Systems with live feeds can offer customers instant notification when a burglary or intrusion is taking place. The system sends an e-mail or message to the owner of the system as soon as action is detected on the camera. This allows the owner to call authorities as soon as possible and catch the intruder in the act. Other times, systems notify owners afterward, and the intruder can likely still be tracked down.

Hints for a Home Security Camera

To maximize the use of a home security camera, use one with a live feed. This is the best way to stop an intruder. The immediate e-mail alerts and messages let you know what’s going on as it plays out. Motion sensors that detect unusual motion and set off an alarm are great to have. Having cameras at any entrance doors or areas where burglars would need to walk is helpful. Obvious cameras can deter intruders but having discrete cameras is also helpful in case obvious ones don’t cover all areas of your home.

What About Your Budget?

Home security cameras can be costly if you want a high quality system that will ensure your safety and protection. You definitely want to invest in a good camera that will produce high quality images. Otherwise, you may not be able to identify intruders or the actions they are taking. If a high quality camera sets your wallet back, use fake cameras as additional ones around your house. Fake cameras can also deter criminals from entering.

Multi-purpose Cameras

Viewing live surveillance footage can be done right from your Smartphone. Any device that gets an Internet connection can view the footage. Home security cameras offer protection from burglars but also serve other purposes. Use them to check on pets and kids while away. Use cameras to check on a nanny or babysitter. Keep an eye on kids while you’re in another room. You can even check to see who’s at your front door before answering it. Extra measures of security can only help so never feel that you have too much security.

Home Security Systems and Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

For as long as humans have been on the planet, some form of home security system has been in place to protect our turf. While we’ve come a fairly long way in terms of what security has to offer – today’s systems are still a cut above what the “standard” home security system had to offer just a decade ago. Today’s systems use wireless technology, to add an extra layer of security.

Wireless vs. Wired Systems

While traditional home security systems rely on a phone line, which can be cut and render the system useless, wireless technology systems rely on signals sent over the airwaves. Customers no longer have to have a home phone line, which is a plus, considering many people are switching to voice over internet protocol, or VoIP home phone service, or completely cutting the home phone line in favor of a cell phone. If you don’t have a home phone, you can still have home security.

Faster Installation and Greater Protection

The wireless technology allows people to have a home security system in place all the time, and must faster than with the traditional wired installations. The wireless technology also means the boundaries of the system extend much further, so the wireless sensors trigger an intruder long before he or she is able to reach his or her destination. Because the wireless sensors are so state-of-the-art, animals are not able to trigger the system, which means you will only be alerted when there is something worth worrying about.

More Convenience

Wireless technology with your home security system also offers convenience when it comes to arming and disarming the system. You’ll no longer need to unlock the door and run to the nearest keypad to enter a code and disable it. Thanks to a small dongle attached to your keychain, you can arm and disarm the system when you leave and re-enter your home with just a small click of a button.

Available for Rental Properties

The wireless technology also means that you can add home security to apartments and dormitories, places where home security systems were once an issue due to all the wired installation requirements. It is important to note that not all home security companies are willing to install a system in a property you do not own, and anyone who is renting property must first clear the system’s installation with their landlord.

More than Intrusion Protection

Beyond protection from intruders, today’s wireless home security systems can also offer protection from fire, flooding, and even medical assistance in the event of an emergency. It’s important to note that additional equipment may be required to offer these extra services, and additional fees may apply. Talk to your home security provider to learn more about the specifics offered, so you can customize a plan that works well for you and your home.

Ask your home security provider about upgrading to a wireless home security system. If you don’t already have one installed, remember, a system can discount your homeowner’s insurance premium. It may even pay for itself with your savings!

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Robbin Williams AsphyxiationWe are sad to bring the news that the beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was pronounced dead at the young age of 63.  His body was found in his Northern California home.  It is reported that Williams has recently been dealing with sever depression; which may explain the apparent cause of his death which was suicide by asphyxiation.  We are all praying for Robin’s family in this time of crisis.

Asphyxiation is no laughing matter.  It is defined as a sever lack of oxygen available to the body.  While asphyxiation is a common method of suicide, it is much more deadly when associated with Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home.  Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer, because it is odorless and tasteless, and slowly but surely depletes the oxygen available for families to breath.  Entire families can be killed due to Carbon Monoxide in the home.  This is why Carbon Monoxide detectors as a component of a best home security system is paramount to avoiding death by asphyxiation.  You can read more about Robert William’s apparent suicide here, and learn about how to avoid death by asphyxiation in the home by reading about the best home security systems here.

Today we learned more about our story, Robin Williams found dead from Asphyxiation. It was confirmed by the County Coroner that Robin’s death was indeed a suicide. He hung himself with a belt. People were quite bothered by the details as they were revealed by the coroner, but its it the coroner’s responsibility to report on the truth.


Home Security Trends

Home Security Trends

New trends are developing in home security systems everyday. They have definitely improved in structure and price since the first home security system. The affordability makes it accessible for many families. Not only do home security systems prevent criminal activity, but they also serve other purposes.

Wireless Home Security

The wireless system eliminates unnecessary wires and holes in the walls. This technology is actually very simple to install. With the wireless system you can cover all entry points and you do not have to worry about wires being cut off by potential intruders.

Video Technology

Camera and video technology would be classified in the self-monitoring category because you have complete power over the system. You can even have the video footage sent to your laptop or even your cell phone. Without opening the door find out who is at the door or who left a package the other morning. Believe it or not, right now cameras are extremely cheap which makes this security route affordable. Not only can you have the footage delivered to your laptop and cell phone, you can also send them to your DVR or your computer hard drive. Just throw away the videotapes because you will not need them anymore.

Self Monitoring

If you want to avoid paying extra monitoring costs that security companies charge, you can monitor your home security system with your everyday pieces of technology such as your cell phone, computer or tablet. Self-monitoring will notify the head of the household when the alarm has been set off. This means that you are accountable for calling the police or the fire department. You are able to use your cell phone to turn you system on and off, watch the video feed from your home security cameras, and even read text message notifications that your alarm has been set off.

Home Automation

This is just another addition to your home security system. The home automation option has the ability to control the thermostat, activate humidity controls, turn certain appliances on and off, activate or deactivate electrical outlets and lights, and even manage electronics like your television or your stereo. If you forgot to turn off the television when you ran out of the house for work, do not worry. All you have to do is go to your phone application and turn it off. It is that simple.

Clearly you have a lot of options when it comes to picking from all of the home security trends out there. What is important is that you choose the system that Is best for you.

Make Your House Safe With Home Security Companies

Make Your House Safe

Home security is an important issue these days with anti social activities being increasingly on the rise. However, home security companies are not only there to help third clients combat any of the security problems but their pricing is also very affordable so anyone with even a moderate budget can approach them. After all, there are so many reasons for which someone might have to stay out for work at night, and also for quite a few days at a stretch. This is where the home security systems comes in.

The home security companies have lots of options to choose from. They have the basic alarm system that would be triggered off with even the slightest unwanted intrusion. On the other hand, there is password protected entry system which would be impossible for anyone else to know, apart from the owner. Then there are the video recognition system and the audio/ voice recognition system. With all of them combined together, they provide the best ever protection to any premises.

In fact, these systems are also used by high end commercial companies for protection of their offices etc. If you have been thinking of installing a security system but are unsure of what might be best for you, you can even call in the experts who would give you advice about the right kind of security for you. Moreover, there are budget packages to be availed as well, and there are some that can be taken on a monthly basis, so you can use them for only the time period that you want and then discontinue later.

So with the help of home security companies, you can choose the bets kind of security systems which would suit your requirement and budget. And you can be sure that your belongings would be safe.

Home Security Cannot Be Ignored

The packages of the home security products will be of different prices. The customer has to count the number of door and windows before going to purchase the home security products. Each and every company will recommend different packages. The main gadgets in the security products are the sensors, alarm and the motion sensors. The gadgets have to be placed in correct configurations. It is better to bring in the field representative for correct advice. The field representative will educate the customer in many ways about the security services. The house will be monitored by the security services once the security products are installed. It is better to get the products installed by the professionals of the company.

There are many other things which are provided with the security product. The temperature detector will detect if there is any increase in the temperature. So if the risk of fire in the house when no one is at home the signal will be transferred to the alarm and the alarm will send the necessary signal to the security services. They will take the necessary action. Thus the security services will help the house to be protected all the 24×7 hours from many disasters also.
The budget is the main deciding factor when the security products are purchased. It is not necessary for purchasing the high end products. Products which will suit your budget will also do the same working. Home security cannot be ignored. It is very important for the people to concentrate on home security. People in the house also will be safe and the house owner also will have a free mind when he is leaving the house for work. It is better to go online for deciding the correct security service and the products and find companies like ADT Security. The technical staff of the company also has to be considered while hiring.

How To Find The Best Home Security System

Best Home Security System

Maybe you’ve moved into a new house in a new area of town and aren’t so sure about your safety. Sure, we’d all like to live in a perfect world where nothing bad ever happens, but the truth is crime happens everywhere. It doesn’t manner how upscale a neighborhood is, every area is at risk for home burglaries. If you’re unsure of where to start in your quest for the perfect home security system, call in the experts! That’s what they’re there for. The right security system company will sit down with you and show you the plethora of options available.

  • Fast response time is crucial. After all, this security company is supposed to be protecting you in the event of an emergency. There shouldn’t be a second wasted. Many security companies have an average of their response time for the past year or few years listed on their site or in their company literature. Learn how the company operates when the sensor is set off. Not all home security systems have sensor detection, but your potential security company can help you decide what’s right for your family. Usually sensors are only stationed in designated areas of the home. The security company representative will help you determine where these areas are and what spots in your home are most susceptible to break-ins.
  • Ask about your options for calls made. Not all home security systems will immediately notify the police. In some cases, a family member may be called, who will immediately visit the home in which the alarm has sounded. This is usually what happens with elderly people who live alone. The alarm sounds and an automatic phone call is made to someone who is trusted and can leave what they are doing. The person may call the elderly person to see if it is an emergency or may visit the home to check on things. Many things can go wrong that do not necessarily require the help of the police or emergency workers. Ask the security company what your options are for calls depending on your individual circumstances.
  • Ask about safety beyond burglary and home invaders. Sure, these things are high on the list of why you’re getting a security system in the first place, but many security companies offer even more. Ask the security company what other things they offer, such as fire and poison control buttons. These things are necessities for those with small children or those who have an elderly person in the home (or when an elderly person lives alone).

Be patient and thorough when researching the security company that’s right for you. Look for one with a history who is willing to work with your needs. Do not feel hesitant to look over their suggestions on your own time and contact the agent at a later date to get the ball rolling on installing the system. A good security system company representative should take the time to hear out a client’s concerns and create a system that benefits the person’s safety and state of mind.

What are your options

What are your options

Home security systems are a must even if you are residing in a neighborhood that id friendly. You never know when disaster cam strike and you have to be prepared and equipped for the same. It is usually said that it is best to buy home security systems that range between $250 and $750. It is quite likely that you will find what you are looking for within this price range. What is required to be seen is the options you can go for and what will be the best for you. It is a well known fact that the home security system is broadly categorized into outdoor as well as indoor system. In most of the cases, the monitoring systems are installed at the opening of the windows and the doors. In this way the activities that go on around the doors and windows can be carefully monitored and also signs of any movement natural or suspicious can be detected with ease.

As far as detecting movement is concerned it is usually done with the help of motion sensors. In order to make this work best, there is a code that needs to be entered into the panel. So, you can selectively keep the alarm system on or off as per your requirement. Generally speaking, when you have the home security systems installed outside your house, you can be rest assured that go on around your house on the neighboring grounds can be monitored.

Another option that you have is to choose between electric and battery operated. Batteries are reliable due to the fact that if there is a power shutdown, the batteries will not betray you at any cost.

Alternatively, you can also install video surveillance by using CCTV as well as wireless video surveillance or VSS. In some cases you will also need a cellular or landline telephone for the home security system to work best.

Safety Measures for Homes with Security Systems

Safety Measures

Security systems set off an alarm within the home and also contact the authorities, if they are programmed to do so. Still, there are many things to ensure your family and home are safe beyond a security system. Take the time to educate your family on the purpose of a home security system and the further preventative tactics you can all take to keep your home safe

  1. Secure all windows and doors. Even if a thief knows you have a home security system, they are often anxious to work around this if they think they can. The problem with thieves is they think they are capable of pulling off more than they actually are, so be sure all windows are doors are secure, shut tightly and are locked at all times. Teach children to regularly check these locks when windows and doors are opened.
  2. Don’t advertise when you’ll be away. This is along the same lines as keeping hush-hush about having an alarm system. Friends and family could make the innocent mistake of telling a neighbor or co-worker that you and your family are out of town. This could then be passed along to less scrupulous people and you could end up with a break-in. Your security system would notify the police, but it is best avoid opening the door to strangers learning you’re out of town.
  3. Set timers for lights. Lights usually infer there are people at home. It’s why lights with timers were created. This is especially important for those who come home on their own late at night or if you’re going out of town. Lights should be on throughout the house (with some distance in-between). While you may worry about your utilities bill, remember that you can also set the timer to go off when you would normally be in bed and house would be dark. Be sure to set timers for lights for rooms that are visible through windows, such as the living room and a bedroom.
  4. Keep valuables out of sight when new people are in your home. This doesn’t mean hide your fancy TV. If new people are in your home, such as friends of friends or family members of your neighbors’, don’t flash your expensive watch, brag about your jewelry collection or show off all of the pricey tech gadgets and electronics you have. Flashing these things could lead someone to believe there’s more where those expensive things came from and they may come back searching when you aren’t home.

Put up signs that say you have a home security systems. Most companies provide homes and families with the proper stickers and signs that advertise the home is protected by that company. Make a point of displaying these things where they are very noticeable. Stickers should be placed in all windows at eye level. Do this even where sensors are not in effect. Sometimes a warning is all a thief needs in order to stay away.