ADT Security

  • Price: $35.99 – $57.99 per month
  • Professional Installation, 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Utilize cellular, Internet or home phone line
  • Access available through mobile app
  • Call for Free Quote: (855) 313-8495

ADT Security Review

ADT allows customers to customize the home security system that works best for them from their three options. The three plans include the Basic Home Security package, the ADT Pulse Remote Service with Digital Access and the ADT Pulse Remote Service with Remote Secure Video. ADT offers a money back guarantee. If within six months issues arise that cannot be fixed by ADT, they will refund your installation fee and the monitoring fees for the prior months.

Professional Installation and Free Home Security Review
ADT provides homeowners with a free home security evaluation. The evaluation does not require the purchase of a system from ADT and is informative. Specially trained consultants carefully review the inside and outside of the house, looking for security concerns and easy access points. If the owner is looking for an ADT plan, the technician can also educate on the options available and determine the best fit.

The Basic Home Security Plan

The Basic Security Plan from ADT is priced at $35.99 a month and includes 24/7 monitoring for burglary and theft. Installation includes a hard-wired control panel and touchpad, two door sensors and a window senor. The panel includes buttons to activate help if needed for an intruder or a fire emergency in the home.

Another option that can be added to a plan for a small equipment fee of $65.00 is Home Health Security that includes a base unit with a button and a portable button for access anywhere within the home. The button creates a two-way intercom with an ADT representative who can contact emergency personnel.

The ADT Pulse Remote Service with Digital Access Plan

The ADT Pulse Remote Service with Digital Access package is the middle tier plan and will cost $47.99 per month. Not only does this plan include all of the options in the Basic Plan, but it also allows for remote access to your plan via a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. This flexibility provides an additional level of freedom and security. There are other options available as part of the ADT Pulse package including fire, smoke and Carbon monoxide monitoring, water detection sensors, and the option to monitor indoor temperature to avoid trouble with frozen pipes. This plan allows for a cellular connection, keeping the home secure by using a cell phone when the landline plus Internet connection is unavailable.

The ADT Pulse Remote Service with Remote Secure Video Plan

ADT’s Pulse point with Video is $57.99 per month and includes everything listed above but utilizes an indoor camera to also provide video surveillance throughout the home. The remote features allow monitoring of this video safely through the web on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Final Review of ADT

As the largest home security company in the United States, ADT certainly has the experience and knowledge to provide the plan that best works for each homeowner. After a free home security evaluation, it may be easier to decide if the Basic Home Security package, the ADT Pulse Remote Service with Digital Access package and the ADT Pulse Remote Service with Remote Secure Video package is the best fit for you. We hope you enjoyed our ADT security reviews.


60 comments on “ADT Security

  1. ADT Security is a great company. These guys go above and beyond to make sure their customers’ needs are being met. If you want a home security system you can rely on, then you need to call ADT Security today. You won’t be sorry.

  2. I wanted a home security system installed when I moved to my new place just as a precaution. I’ve never had any issues, but I like to think ahead and be proactive when I can. I’ve had friends who waited until something happened, and they all say the same thing…be proactive, get a security system now. One of my friends recommended ADT Security, and I have to say, I can absolutely see why. This company has their $*%! together, and they take care of their customers. They’re friendly, helpful, and they focus on your needs rather than their sales. If you need an alarm, check out ADT Security.

  3. ADT Security is a solid choice when it comes to home security systems. Their employees are prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly, which seems to be a difficult combination to manage for most companies. I was especially impressed by the fact that all employees seemed capable of answering questions about the specs and specifics of the security system’s functions. In my experience, other companies have had to transfer me to a technician, which was sometimes a challenge. If that tech was in the field, I’d have to wait for a callback, or they would be distracted. If they weren’t in the field, then I was usually made to feel like I was interrupting lunch or something like that. In any event, ADT Security employees are well-trained, so kudos to them. After my alarm was installed, one of the managers called to make sure I was satisfied with my system, and if I had any additional questions. I didn’t, but I was still impressed that I got a call from one of the managers. I think companies like this deserve more business, so if you need a new home security system, take it from me, these guys are the best.

  4. I appreciate that ADT security does everything it says it will do. There are so many home security systems that make empty promises. The truth is no one home security alarm is totally fool proof, but I do believe ADT security does as much as any home security system can to help you protect your home. I was looking for a home alarm that has wifi capabilities, which means you can watch your home at all times by logging in online either on ADT security’s site or on their app. ADT security lets you do this with ease and there’s never an error or crash.

  5. I am floored at everything you get with ADT security. There are so many home security systems at this point I really forget what I’m looking at when I start researching online. There are just so many home security systems with features I know I will never use. I want something to protect my home and my family, but I don’t need all of the insane features that require a computer science degree to work with confidence. I like that ADT security gives you just enough without overwhelming you. I have seen the home security system at my sister’s house and it’s like you’re manning a spaceship which isn’t what we’re looking for at our home. ADT security gives you wifi connection which lets you download their app and watch your home from wherever you are. We visit our family in India every year for six weeks and during that time ADT security has been fantastic because it lets us keep an eye on the house. We do have a neighbor picking up our mail and checking on the house periodically, but it is great to be able to see the state of your home yourself. We also miss our pets and this is an easy way to get them on doggy cam!

  6. You will not find a better deal for a better home security system than ADT security. Trust me, I have done the research and compared prices from numerous home security companies and all of their features. I am convinced ADT security gives you the most bang for your buck and it is a home security system you can depend on too. I have had to call ADT security on three separate occasions over the past year and ADT security really brings it in the customer service department. I am always impressed with their customer service skills and I appreciate their help when I mess up on my end!

  7. I know ADT security was recommended on a home security blog, which is why I gave them a whirl. ADT security gets an A+ from our family on all counts. You will not find a company that offers more for an alarm system than ADT security especially when you take into account the low price.

  8. I thought ADT Security would cost a lot more. My ritzy sister and brother-in-law use ADT Security which is what made me think it was out of my budget. I didn’t think any company could offer a home security system like this for the price, but I’m glad they can! I installed ADT Security all by myself which was the first time I’ve done something like that, but it was fairly easy and I was able to make it to a movie with a friend because it took such a short amount of time. Follow the directions and you’ll be fine, I promise!

  9. I always thought out neighborhood was safe until recently where we’ve seen a lot of dumb vandalism. Technically there hasn’t been anything violent happen, but I don’t like the idea of kids thinking it is OK to mess with our cars or throw things at our house. There have also been incidents of people’s pets missing for days at a time and then magically reappearing. It’s strange, but I guess kids have nothing better to do these days and I know the minute someone takes either of our dogs I will come after them as if they hurt a family member. It isn’t easy to hear these things are happening to your neighbors, but the only thing you can do to prevent them from happening to you is install a home security system you believe in. For us that’s ADT Security. It’s affordable and the alarm sounds like no other. I know anyone who trips up the motion sensor and makes the alarm go off will be sorry when they hear that blaring noise. I am happy we’ve found something that works for our budget and keeps us safe and we ride out this wave of troublemakers. I definitely recommend ADT Security to anyone who wants a better way to protect their home.

  10. You wouldn’t think that there would be much difference between security systems, but the truth is that the type of security system that you install in your home can make a huge difference. I decided on the ADT security system because of all the hype that’s been in the market for this service. Not only that, but when I signed up for the service the company was offering a sizable signing discount. I took advantage of the sale and had the service installed a week after I ordered it. I’m a big fan of this ADT system because the company really makes it as easy as possible to install and utilize. Once installed, you’re able to set up the system with only a few simple steps. I’m always arming the system before I leave my home so that it’s protected when I’m away. The system is particularly beneficial when I take vacations because I’m able to use the wireless app in order to check on my property. Not only that but I’m notified remotely should there be any type of unwanted activity while I’m away. The ADT security system really is a nice system for anyone looking for safety and protection. I’m definitely going to be a lifetime user of the product.

  11. I finally had time to hop on and review this home security system! If you are with any other home security alarm right now, stop and move to ADT. The monthly fee is so much more reasonable than other companies and the alarm is just as effective. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I bought ADT because I was sick of paying a huge bill each month and for what? The same level of service and protection I now get from ADT for ¼ of the price. Those looking to save money should start with their alarm because it’s an easy fix.

  12. With ADT you have no contract! Yes, you read that correctly! Why would you even bother with another home security system? The monthly fee is far lower than other companies and you are virtually getting the same services. Do not think that because of the price ADT is crappy or gives you lousy customer service. They are actually one of the best companies I’ve ever experienced in this capacity and that speaks volumes of how junky the other companies we do business with have become. Don’t waste your time with the other guys and go with ADT. Trust me it’s well worth it.

  13. Two weeks ago a neighbor was robbed and then another house had their car stolen. It’s been bad in our neighborhood and we aren’t sure why, but I wanted to do what we need to in order to stay safe. I didn’t know about these home security system kits until recently and there seemed to be a lot of different brands and versions out there. Because of the ace reviews for ADT I decided to go with it and it arrived about three days later. This company is also quick to respond to emails. I emailed them twice and both times they responded within an hour, which says a lot. You do not see that level of customer service anymore. I have sensors on every door and window which means 10 in all. This may seem like overkill but because of the reasonable prices through ADT I can afford this level of protection without breaking the bank. I have tested the main console twice and things went well with both tests, so I feel confident in this system protecting us should someone try to intrude. Because of the zoning system it is easy to see which sensor is down if you have any glitches.

  14. Our house in the country is in a remote area, but surprisingly gets decent Internet which is why ADT works well for us. The wifi cameras are perfect for our cattle and the barn we have on the property. This makes it easy for us to see how things are going when we aren’t there. We can also watch the areas in the dark when we are visiting. This home security system understands what people need from an alarm and I like you can add more motion sensors as needed. We have ADt at our house in the city too.

  15. I know there are a lot of home security systems to choose from. I was in the same place and felt like it was taking me forever to make a decision. ADT was recommended to us by a former boss, who is one of those people that researches forever before choosing a product. Because of this, I knew I could trust his opinion. The guy also has a reputation for being frugal too, so I knew it would be affordable for me to get ADT. First I want to discuss installation. Installation is so easy and if you have problems ADT has a live chat, but they also have phone reps to walk you through any troubleshooting. For me, this is perfect because I prefer to speak with a rep than try to work out a problem online and a lot of these home security systems only offer online help. That’s actually true of a lot of companies these days, but that’s a discussion for another day. ADT has everything you want from a home security system and their technology is up there with the big boys, so you’re getting plenty for the money. If you are shopping around, stop wasting your time and just go with ADT.

  16. I knew ADT would work for us when I heard the alarm in action at my mom’s house. Boy does this thing pop off! Any intruder would be crazy to proceed after this alarm wakes up the neighborhood.

  17. I thought home security systems were for rich people. Excuse my ignorance, but when I was a kid, it was only upper crust families that had them and my own family never owned one. Our rich uncle did, so I always figured home security was something reserved for a certain tax bracket. Cut to today when ADT gives you everything Uncle Richie Rich’s system did plus more for a lower price. From customer support to installation, you can’t go wrong with ADT. They are reinventing home security systems and how they work for the consumer. This is the new, modern way to protect your home without overspending.

  18. If you’re searching for the best home security system available this is it. I have used two different home security systems in the past two years and both were bogus compared to ADT. ADT security has all of the hi-tech features most of us want without the doo-dads you don’t need. The system works flawlessly and I have set one up at my parents’ house as well. It’s convenient and the fact that they have an app shows how ahead of the curve they are to serve customers well. I know ADT is something I’d recommend to anyone who wants a home security system.

  19. I live alone in a house I purchased four months ago. I am a single woman and I travel for work at least one week a month. Because of this, my parents were pushing for me to get a home security system. I didn’t think it was necessary until my neighbor had an intruder who happen to break into the house while he and his kids were at home! Some people will stop at nothing just to rob you of a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, but it happens. Once that happened, it kicked me into gear to research different home security systems to learn which is best for me. I learned of ADT on a blog that reviews alarm systems and ADT seemed like a good fit for my needs. Because I’m away, ADT allows me to login and see the house while I’m in another state which is helpful for my situation. Beyond that, I can use the app and actually see the house before I go home. This means if it’s late at night, I don’t have to worry about going home to an empty house with someone waiting for me. Protect yourself with ADT. It will be worth it.

  20. I am such a fan of ADT. I have ADT in my new townhouse and it is awesome because I can see the house and the exterior before I drive up at night after work. This helps me feel safe and it’s worth the money.

  21. When I went on vacation, I used to have my parents come house sit to protect my home while I was away. Now that I live two states away, I don’t really know anyone I trust with my home for a week. To keep myself and my family protected, I bought a system with ADT. It makes it easier for me to enjoy my vacation – and I can even arm and disarm it with my mobile phone. It’s a great investment, and I truly believe everyone should have one. Nowadays, you don’t even have to own a home to have one installed, so why not protect yourself?

  22. I’ve never really owned anything of value, so I never considered a security system before. It didn’t seem practical to pay for something I didn’t really need. Aside from my furniture and my TV, most of my money was invested in things few people would considered stealing, like clothes. But then my grandmother died and left me her rings, and some of them are family heirlooms that date back several generations. None of them are terribly expensive, but they are very important to me. I decided it was time to invest in a security system. After doing some research and figuring out how much I could afford, I chose ADT. They offer great service at a price anyone can afford, and the peace of mind is totally worth it. I feel much safer with my grandmother’s rings in my jewelry box, and I find I’m sleeping better at night as well. Being alone without any kind of protection always made me a little nervous…and that’s all over now. I think buying a security system for my home might be the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel personally safe and I don’t worry about my things, especially my grandmother’s rings.

  23. Most people choose to invest in a home security system after something bad happens, but I’m not one of them. As soon as I bought my home, I called ADT to make sure I had all the protection I needed.

  24. I bought a condo downtown almost a year ago. The crime rate in our city is atrocious, but I did it to be close to work. Because of my home location, I no longer have to battle traffic for an hour and a half a day. Instead, I get on my bike and go about 10 blocks, which saves gas and keeps me in shape. That said, because of the crime and homeless problem in our city, that leaves downtown residence like myself as open targets. Our condo is not completely occupied and they are developing other parts of the center, which means there are many work men coming and going throughout the day. To keep my home and belongings safe I decided to invest in ADT. They came out and showed me my options and installed my home security system in the same day. I wasn’t planning on committing to ADT right away, but the representative was very knowledgeable and walked me through what I would pay per month. It fit my budget so I wasn’t worried about anything else. I also like that I can watch my home online and set my alarms from my phone, which is perfect when I go out after work.

  25. My mother lives alone and I wanted to make sure she feels safe. ADT does just that and I am very happy with their customer service too. It isn’t every day you find an amazing company that knows how to price an alarm well and give you nice people to work with. That’s a thing of the past but with ADT I really felt comfortable discussing our current needs. They help you choose what system works best for you in terms of how many motion sensors you need, etc. and in the end the cost was reasonable considering it is protecting mom daily.

  26. I am super excited about my new ADT security alarm! After scouring the Internet for countless home security systems and reviews on each, I came across a site that had tons of reviews in one place which is exactly what I needed. As a lot of other people have mentioned with ADT security you aren’t dealing with a contract that locks you in. Love that. On top of this, you get great service. Beyond that, they are helpful and nice which makes me have hope in the customer service industry these days. I really appreciate my ADT security security system.

  27. Talk about working fast! ADT security assessed our home and had our snazzy new alarm system installed the next day. I thought it would be a long process but it was fuss-free from our end and the tech was very nice and knowledgeable.

  28. We have had ADT Security for almost a year and we couldn’t be happier. Last month we had an incident where a neighbor’s home was broken into. I think if it weren’t for the ADT Security signs in our yard and stickers on our window, the thieves could have very well chose to burglarize our home instead. That is just the truth and I am glad we have ADT Security to protect us. I know our neighbor is now looking into home security systems and we have recommended ADT Security because they have been an outstanding company to deal with for the past year.

  29. I bought my home four years ago and I love it, but because I moved jobs, I can no longer afford the mortgage on my own. I decided to rent out a room because I live in a tech city where tons of people are looking to live in rooms just so they can live in the city. I did this and it has worked out well, except that two weeks after the girl moved in, we had a break-in. Living in a new city I know this freaked her out in a major way so I called ADT Security to have a home security system installed. The break-in happened while we were away from the house, but it is still scary to come home and see someone has rummaged through your belongings. ADT Security came to the house that weekend and installed the alarm and took the time to make sure both me and my housemate understood what was going on. I am very thankful to ADT Security because it has given both me and my housemate peace of mind. Plus, each of us can control the alarm when we are away from the home and check on the house, which makes you feel secure.

  30. There are few things that I don’t shop around for because I’m all about getting the best deal on anything I buy. I’ve always been frugal. Once I got the lowdown on my plan from ADT Security I decided it was something I wasn’t willing to live without. Our home was burglarized two months ago and though we live in a “nice” neighborhood, I know nothing is off limits when it comes to thieves, which is why I wanted a home alarm installed. There is a fantastic peace of mind that comes with an alarm system and I know we’re doing what we can to protect our home.

  31. I hope ADT security sticks around for years to come. When looking into the many home security systems on the market, I was very surprised to see the reasonable price of ADT security systems compared to comparable models. I kept waiting for there to be a catch or other reason why the system wasn’t as good as pricier versions by other companies, but I am here to tell you that ADT security does everything you need it to. The customer service reps are very helpful and knowledgeable and you can expect excellent service from them. We are looking at buying a second home by the water and you can bet I will order another ADT security alarm system.

  32. Working ADT security into our limited budget was easy. I love having the ability to see our home at all hours of the day especially on nights when I work the late shift. Home security systems have been out of our budget in the past but ADT security it possible.

  33. Our son just moved into an apartment off campus for the first time in his college career. Yes, he is 20 but that doesn’t mean he is safe 24/7. Because he’s in the city and in an apartment that is the last unit on the building, there’s a lot of room for him to be a victim of a mugger. I want to keep him protected but we also didn’t know how/if home security systems were allowed in rentals. Not to mention we are not paying much for the space, so I figured they would not let us add something like an alarm to the unit. I found ADT security looking for home security systems fit for rental units and now I want to tell every parent I know to use ADT security! If your kid is in an apartment on or off campus they need a home security system and since ADT security has no contract, you do not have to worry about paying for a service you won’t use after the kid comes home for the summer. ADT security is reliable and very simple to use, especially for the tech whiz kids roaming around these days. Setup was simple and I am a fan of the wireless cameras that let me son check on the perimeter around the building before he approaches his front door.

  34. ADT security is a great company to deal with for your home security system needs. I know people think that all home alarms are the same, but this is not true. ADT security offers many different things from their home alarms, such as alarms on windows and doorways and any other entry points you believe need protection. I like that the reps listened to our specific needs for a home that is designed for elderly people. That was very important for us and that meant it was important for ADT security too. That makes us feel wonderful to know we’re with a trusted company with fast response when needed.

  35. My brother and mom have been bugging me to get a home security system because I moved to a different town. I am still within a reasonable driving distance from them, but obviously if there were an intruder in my home I wouldn’t be able to depend on them saving the day. My neighbor has been a ADT security customer for years and swears their name in her yard makes thieves stay away from her home and that’s a good enough reason for me. I called ADT security and they were more than willing to work with my schedule. I am in grad school and work, so I am coming and going at all hours. ADT security was accommodating.

  36. It’s a breath of fresh air to feel confident in how safe your home is. Our car was broken into three months ago and we recently had ADT security installed. Awesome company with plenty of solid reviews to back it up.

  37. I like that ADT security offers different plans for different homes. We have an old house with an awkward layout but the tech made sure all vulnerable entry points are protected with our ADT security alarm. I appreciate that.

  38. We have two small children. About two months ago, someone broke into our home at night, while we were home. Oddly enough, the person didn’t do any damage or take anything, but the door they broke into was near my four year old daughter’s room. This was a very scary situation to us and showed just how vulnerable we are to intruders. I called ADT security because it’s the home security system my neighbor has and I can’t believe how fast they responded. The same day, a rep came to assess our home and created a few plans we could choose from. This was very helpful seeing as we didn’t really know what type of home security system we wanted going into things. Now our home is protected and I know we are safe. If you are in a neighborhood or home where people easily have access to your yard or doors, seriously consider contacting ADT security. It only takes one time for something bad to happen to your family, so do all you can to protect yourself. You may be surprised at the reasonable monthly cost too. We sure were! Overall ADT security is number one for home security systems in my book.

  39. Despite the fact that my husband is a marine, we still have a security system in our home. Well, I guess I should say that it is not really a wonder that we have a security system installed in our home BECAUSE my husband is a marine! He is often deployed and he wants to make sure that when he is, we are as safe as safe can be. In fact, he is the one who arranged to have the system put in! We are protected by ADT Security, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our good friends also have a security system in their house, but when they actually needed it, it turned out that the system faltered. It failed to go off and, as such, their home was broken into and a great deal of their property was stolen. Plus, there was a good bit of damage done. It was absolutely heartbreaking, but I hate to say I told them so! We told them for years to switch to ADT Security, and they never did. Well, now that they have experienced how poor their company was, they have made the switch and they will never again have to worry about their home being broken into.

  40. If you are under the assumption that you have to spend a fortune to keep your family and your home protected, you are mistaken. Thanks to the home security systems provided by ADT Security, you can keep your house safe and secure without paying a huge bill. Safety at a great price? Yes, it’s true!

  41. If the safety of your family is important to you, I highly recommend ADT. They know home security backwards and forwards. More importantly, they know what it takes in order to make you feel safe.

  42. These guys rule! When I signed up with ADT a couple years ago, I was cynical. Sure, they talked a good game, but could they deliver in making me feel safe? And I’m happy to say that they absolutely have. I trust ADT’s security system with my life. Everyone over there knows all the ins and outs of the system, and they are totally aware that someone like me who’s a customer may not know all of that kind of stuff. So they take the time to patiently explain everything until I have a grip on what their service is all about. That’s super cool. If they didn’t treat their customers like that, I don’t know what I would do. Plus, their price tag is perfect for all of the services they offer. That’s a big thing for a guy like me who’s into saving money whenever possible. Then again, ADT’s service is so good I wouldn’t have any problem shelling out a few extra bucks to keep them around to protect me and my house. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a customer for life. If I ever get into another house, I’m calling ADT right away.

  43. ADT Security goes above and beyond to make sure we feel safe. This is extremely important to me, since I’m the mother of two young boys. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about.

  44. If you don’t have a home security service, I urge you to take a look at ADT Security. They offer a lot of bang for your buck in terms of quality and service. Their customer service alone is worth their price, which is extremely competitive. Their security system is complex in nature, but it’s straightforward and easy to manage and maintain on the user’s end. While I obviously hope I’m never in a situation that requires their security system to be alarmed, I’m fully confident that if such a situation ever arose, ADT Security would be able to take care of me.

  45. The worst thing about having your home broken into is the helplessness you feel afterward. You just feel so dirty. It’s like someone just walked into your life and ripped out a part of you. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. It happened to my home about a year ago, and I still can’t shake the memory of coming home to a burglarized house. However, I at least don’t feel vulnerable anymore. A couple days after it happened, I called ADT Security and set the wheels in motion to get a home security system in place. Since it’s been installed, ADT Security has been nothing but kind and gracious to me every time I’ve spoken with them. They are experts at what they do, and they are always ready with a strong, solid answer, regardless of how odd my question might seem to me. They’ve done something that I would have thought impossible after the burglary: they have given me peace of mind. As a burglary victim, I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to have that feeling back in your life, especially when some thief came into your home and ripped it away from you.

  46. As a mother of three, I worry about a lot. Home security isn’t one of them, thanks to ADT. They’ve taken great care of my home, which also means they’ve taken great care of us.

  47. If you don’t have a home security system in place, call ADT pronto! They will protect your home with a great level of diligence and an even greater level of care. They’re simply the best!

  48. Ever since I had my daughter three years ago, I’ve always been a little more protective of things. I guess it’s my motherly instinct. Anyway, this sense of protection really kicked in about four months after she was born, when my neighbor’s house got robbed. It really freaked me out. I always told myself that I wouldn’t be one of those “think of the children” type parents, but that turned me into one really quick. That’s why we turned to ADT for help, and we are so thankful that we did. The most important thing that ADT has done for us – even more important than actually installing the system – was reassuring us that we’d be safe with their system. Not only did they tell us this when we first signed up, but they’ve constantly showed it through their actions whenever we’ve had to interact with them. They make you feel important, which goes a long way into making you feel secure. It’s nice for me to have that feeling, especially since I can remember how I felt when I found out my neighbor got robbed. I imagine it’s much worse when it’s you; thanks to ADT, I’ll never find out.

  49. I was afraid to get an alarm system installed because I heard stories about people getting alarm systems installed that were defective. Then I was finally convinced by an advertisement I received in the mail for a home security system. I tried giving them a call but they never answered or returned my call. That was a red flag for me. Then I searched online and found out that ADT was offering great prices for home security systems. I feel really secure with this new security system. I no longer have to worry about people breaking into my home. If feel safe with ADT.

    • I was impressed with the home security assessment ADT provided me free of charge. It was really eye opening about how at risk my family was. We went with ADT security because we felt confident in their services and also because of their variety of sensors and equipment. We are pleased with the results. ADT is a good company that has treated us well.

  50. We didn’t think that we really needed to have a home security system because we live in a very small and close knit community. Boy were we wrong. Our house was robbed when we were on vacation. We now have ADT security and we feel safe.

  51. Our new security system isn’t your typical security system. With ADT we have 24 hour security. We don’t have to worry about criminals attempting to break into our home. We are safe day and night.

  52. My father lives by himself. As an elderly many, he needed to have a secure home security system. ADT was a smart choice for him because it keeps his home safe all throughout the day.

  53. My wife and kids came home from winter vacation and discovered the back door open. We asked the neighbors if they had witnessed any break-ins. No one had a clue about the incident. We called the police and filed a report. The police offered some valuable advice to us. He recommended that we get a security system installed. I was kind of shocked at the whole incident because we live in a quiet neighborhood. The last time we had an incident like this in the area was back in the early 90s. I didn’t think that it would happen in my own backyard – literally. I contacted several home security systems in the area where I live, but they all required a very large deposit with high monthly payments. When I inquired about the basic plan, it was much more affordable, but it didn’t offer me what I needed in order to protect my family and home. I will not compromise quality and safety for price. Then one day I found out about ADT security. They are a great company because their prices are not just cheap, they offer the best service compared to the other companies I tried. ADT security is considered one of the best services available.

  54. One night my family and I came home from a birthday celebration and discovered that someone had broke into our home and totalled the place. I was so frantic. We called the police. However, there wasn’t anything they could really do but file a report and patrol by the home for the next couple of days in case the burglars decided to return. We couldn’t wait, so we got a security system installed by ADT security. I felt really safe after getting their home security installed. It is easy to use and I have access to customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  55. When I heard of ADT Security, I didn’t know what to expect at first. I’d seen a bunch of great reviews of ADT Security online and even one of my colleagues had recommended that I use their home security system, which is how I first heard of ADT Security. The thing is, I had had a home alarm system from a different company a long time ago that never really worked out, so since then I had been kind of iffy when it comes to home security systems. I wasn’t even going to look into home alarms again until I had heard that my brother-in-law’s house was broken into. No one was hurt, but a few things were stolen. We all know it could have gone a lot worse, though, so him and I decided to do our homework and look around for security measures (I have two kids of my own so I really don’t want this happening at my house either). That’s when one of my work buddies recommended what he uses, which is. Luckily, there wasn’t a bunch of positive reviews for no reason, ADT Security is a great choice. My brother-in-law and I both went for ADT at the same time. The people were so easy to talk to, and installation was super easy for both of us. We’ve both had ADT Security for about six months now, and we are both completely satisfied.

  56. ADT is great. I am totally satisfied with them and wouldn’t choose any other home security systems over ADT. It all started last year, when my wife and I decided to get a home alarm system for our new baby girl. We know how dangerous the world can be, and we wanted to do everything to protect our family. So after a bit of research, we found ADT and saw all of the great reviews. We called up ADT and found their customer service to be great. Plus, they’re really affordable and installation was fast. We’ve been with the for a year now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  57. The process of getting ADT Security on board was very simple. First off was a quick call to the setup my account. The installation man who showed up to install my ADT system was professional and cleaned up after himself. He showed up on time. The system works perfect.

  58. Most home security systems just want your money and don’t care about establishing a relationship with you. ADT is the complete opposite. They really care about you and your family’s well-being and establish a relationship with you from the beginning. It is great having a home security system that cares about more than just taking your money.

  59. I don’t normally leave reviews or comments about companies I sign up for, but when my family and I got in touch with ADT I was blown away. Ever since I signed up with ADT, I knew that security couldn’t get better than what they could deliver. ADT inspired me to leave this comment just because of how great they are. I know that my family and home are safer with ADT. A high-quality alarm system along with products that let me keep up with the house even when I’m gone means that my family and I are getting the best of security. We have never felt more protected in our lives. If you’re looking to protect your house and your family, then I definitely recommend ADT for all of your security and protection needs. The satisfaction that comes from using ADT is great. No other security system beats them.

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  1. Whether you have a house or a townhouse, having a security system is very important. ADT Security is a great security system to have for your home. My family feels so much more safe with our new security system.

  2. ADT Security will not only keep your family and your belongings safe, it will help thwart criminals. Criminals hate secure home security systems. I recommend ADT Security for anyone who wants a good security system.

  3. My wife and I decided that it was time to get a home security system. After doing a lot of research we came across ADT and decided to give them a call.  We’re so glad that we did!  They were extremely professional and really walked us through the process of protecting our home.  Thanks ADT!

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